Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Portal

This is pretty much what growing up in Brisbane does to your of the best things to ever come out of this town....the totally undefinable Portal. Used to see them from time to time live in the murky smoke-filled confines of Her Majesty's Basement, a metal pub (no longer exists) in the Queen st mall. Was a wild pub and a strange, swirling black mass of a band. They're sort of Death Metal but really there is no genre that truly fits this, so if you can get past the growls and the crunchy guitar tone it is some truly strange and experimental (emphasis on mental) musick....

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This weekend 31 May, a collection of individuals, including me, will perform as the opener for a gig at The Waiting Room, Browning St, West End, Brisbane. We are Secret Black. You are not.

For anyone who knows what I'm talking about this is an important event because Ambitious Lovers are playing for the first time in of the first bands Ryan and I played with from memory...and that was at the Waiting Room (then Browning St Studios) as well! Not to mention St Augustus!! Who is Cam Smith...they guy who mastered the vinyl version of Kali Yuga Sunrise....told it was all very mysterious....



Thursday, May 22, 2014

Why you should see us Live...

Decided to post this sideways image of a live review in The Music of our aktion at The New Globe Theatre in Brisbane last weekend. The gist is that we were good.

As a sidenote tomorrow night I will be playing with new music ensemble KUPKA'S PIANO at the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Art in Fortitude Valley tomorrow night the 23rd of May followed the next week by a performance as a member of Secret Black (constituents wouldn't be secret if I told you all about it) at the Waiting Room, 31 May. And Ryan has some Maryettas action coming up in June. We will no doubt complete recordings for the new Scrapes album...or at the very least do some more in the coming weeks. More on that stuff soon....

AND further in the future I will be releasing a duo of drum and violin free improv madness with Tony Irving on 5 July through Duskdarter....all details on that fucker to come soon....


ps. everyone should listen to TisDass

Friday, May 16, 2014

Bearded Lady Residency

The Bearded Lady, a venue in West End, Brisbane is hosting we Scrapes for a residency throughout most of July.

"Very excited to announce The Scrapes are going to be resident at The Bearded Lady in West End throughout July starting Sunday the 13th. Come shake the Saturday Baron off your back for a Sunday session with your favourite renegade mind melters."

That's me quoting myself on Facebook. Poster and other info to come but basically all you need to know is this:

13, 20, 27, July. Bearded Lady, Boundary St, West End. 2 Sets every one of those Sundays. 4-4:30, 6:30-7pm. And it's FREE. They sell good beer there and it generally has a great atmosphere. Perfect for Scrapes. We'll probably DJ some serious secrets in between the sets and there will no doubt be a multimedia element to the event.

Just come. HERE IS the facebook event page. 

Also TOMORROW NIGHT 17/05/2014 at THE NEW GLOBE THEATRE!!! Supporting The Stress of Leisure and Infinity Broke for their album launch tour. 8pm.

Don't miss any of this if you can. We Scrapes could fuck off into the ether at any moment.

ps. we will soon be recording more stuff for our new album The Songs of Baron Samedi.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

New Scrapes YouTube Channel


Decided we need to consolidate Scrapes propaganda film industry into one place for ease of browsing.

It's here:

Go and subscribe.

And big fuck-off announcement for people living in or around Brisbane.


The Bearded Lady
West End, Brisbane.
2 sets each one 13, 20, 27 of July.
First set 4:30pm
Second set 6:30pm

Come and get your synapses Scraped on a Sunday eve.

Fuck the LNP, LNC or whatever insidious other name Abbott's government goes under!


Monday, May 12, 2014

Mizutani & Sagbohan

I have a much grittier version of the Sagbohan with some weird keyboard effects but couldn't find it anywhere so sorryoo. Mizutani on guitar in the first video is one of The Scrapes gods...known most infamously for his work with Les Rallizes Denudes. As for Sagbohan...I just love his work and made sure I had some of his tracks on my phone when I travelled around Benin last year. Beautiful vodouns music.

But what am I trying to say with this combo of videos....up to you to decipher.

See some of your faces on Saturday night. And don't forget there's some serious announcing coming up and you will soon enough be able to hear a new Scrapes piece on a Sonic Masala compilation in the nearish future...probably..

Dr Adams

Saturday, May 10, 2014


We'll do a proper news update sometime soon but this is a just a quick hello to say our next Gig is

17 May
The New Globe Theatre
Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
with The Stress of Leisure and Infinity Broke (it's their album launch)
8pmish probably.

Not sure what tickets cost but it's going to be a killer night and Ryan and I will freak everyone out as usual. Don't miss it.

We also have this gig coming up:

Supporting the Dune Rats at their gig at the Zoo once again in Fortitude Valley on the 28th of June.

After that....well we have all sorts of exciting things happening including a lot of gigs at a certain West End establishment....announcements on that one'll be in your face don't worry.

One big thing coming up is the release of a new album by an ensemble that's been kicking about since I got back from Ghana...a duo between myself and Tony Irving on drums (Ascension)....Void Frontiers...some serious violin and drums free jazz brutal as Brotzmann and as tear-jerking as Jenkins. The album will be out as a download only number on Duskdarter Records, 5th July with a launch at the Waiting Room in West End with artwork by Melbourne-based artist Tom Reddington.

THIS is what Tony does to drums:

See you at a gig and keep your eyes stuck to this space for more updates and other bullshit.

Thursday, May 8, 2014


Live footage from our performance at the Beetle Bar last Saturday the 3rd May at PsychHighWay 3. Had no idea we were being filmed. Cool videos....particularly the second one. Nice detail on my Dagbamba smock. Since I played the Northern Ghanaian Gonje or Gondze fiddle on Saturday night I thought I'd best pay my respects and wear the appropriate traditional wear. I bought that bad boy under a tree down an alley somewhere in Tamale off a UN driver's cousin. Anyway respect and love to the cultures and traditions of Ghana. As for Ryan he's wearing the traditional tasseled shirt of the Karaoke Cowboy.

We have quite a few gigs in the Brisbane area to announce coming up that we're very excited about.

Next one is 17 May at the New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley with The Stress of Leisure and Infinity Broke (featuring former members of Bluebottle Kiss and stuff).

Other gigs to announce will be in June and're gonna see a lot of us soon. Just look at these can't afford to miss us right....

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Tonight 3 May BEETLE BAR live

Hello Scrapes fiends,

Here's a reminder of our performance tonight at the Beetle Bar, Upper Roma St, Brisbane.

8pm doors
$12 Tickets

Scrapes on second around 9:15pm. Other artists are The M-Humm, The Silver Dollars and The Unofficials. A night of deep psychedelic stuff or something. It'll be heavy, it'll be not heavy.

Not to be missed.