Thursday, February 12, 2015

Soft Abuse Premiere New Album Track and Art!

Soft Abuse records have begun to spread the word about our new album The Songs of Baron Samedi which they shall be releasing on limited cassette and on digital in the US regions. Here's a little preview they put up on thee ol Soundcloud. This is the first proper emergence of the artwork in one of its forms by Kim B. Cadell, layout by Reuben A. Warburton. Listen harrrd.

Don't forget! Upcoming performance at the Burger records Burger Revolution Brisbane action on 7th March at the Chardon's Corner Hotel. Details in the gig section. Poster posted very very shortly. Our Aus label overlords CONQUEST OF NOISE will be hanging around selling some Kali Yuga Sunrise records...the last available directly from us. Keep your eyes peeled for news from them on the vinyl version of THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Dear Scrapes obsessed and Scrapes casually interested and everything in between,

We still don't have release dates for just deal with it OK. There are some murmurings of evidence over here at the SOFT ABUSE web HQ. That's right there's even an image of the cover for the tape and digital versions there....that's right....feast your eyes.

Don't worry the mighty CONQUEST OF NOISE will let you all know what's happening with that vinyl version soon too.


Also we have a gig coming up so don't be foolish and be there. You can find everything you could possibly ever want to know about it...and probably some stuff you don't want to know:


And if you're allergic to Facebook the details are over in the GIG section of this here blog website whateverthefuckitis.


The opening piece from THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI titled "Oblivion's Grip" has been premiered (along with some acoustic violin weirdness from Adam) on BBC Lancashire's "On the Wire" programme. You can listen to the entirety of the show


And if you just want to hear the Scrapes related stuff fast-forward to around the halfway mark. Thanks to Nick from the People's Republic of Australasia (a venue we infamously played on the roof of, attracting projectiles...a brick if I remember correctly... from the neighbours back in 2011/12) for airing the stuff and to Mr Barker for the kind words.


To celebrate the impending announcements and releases and just general excitement here at The Scrapes' Planet ADAM hath decided to basically give away his sizeable back catalogue of solo experiments...but there's a twist. So we'll explain.


Have a good ol' listen...and if you feel inspired to buy anything.


And you will get 50% OFF whatever it is you want to buy...whether that be one piece, a whole album...whatever. Get in there and help Adam feed himself while he waits for the new Scrapes record to get out there. Go on then....

Thank you.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Release dates, art previews and all sorts of goodies are on there way soon for all of you jonesing to know what's happening with the new record. We can say it's all done and being sorted out by the labels. Will be out on tape/digital (US) on Soft Abuse records and on vinyl through local Brisbane legends Conquest of Noise. We will also release it via our own Planet of the Scrapes in digital format which you will one day find at our BANDCAMP page where you can currently buy downloads of our last cult classic Kali Yuga Sunrise...what the fuck are you waiting for?

And just in case you're feeling anxious about the new record...