Friday, August 14, 2015


If you're in NYC you'll find ADAM hanging around here this weekend....

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Songs of Baron Samedi Radio Ballad

Dear Scrapes fiends,

We wish to thank all who came along to the JUNK BAR on Saturday eve to celebrate the launch of The Songs of Baron Samedi. Was a fantastic night had by all and the ritual appeased all Gods in the room we are sure. We are most thankful to Mia and Jamie for having us and for the incredible hospitality Thee Scrapes were afforded by all staff involved. All should frequent that bar as oft as possible.

We are pleased to say that a very limited number of Songs of Baron Samedi cassettes have arrived here in Bris and you will no doubt see a couple on the shelves at Rocking Horse Records if you live in Brisbane. If not then G O TO S O F T A B U S E fuckin now and make your order!

The tapes sound and look incredible!

Rewind to Sunday night. We presented a Radio Ballad-stlye preview of The Songs of Baron Samedi on Brisbane radio station (and radical institution) 4ZZZFM 102.1FM. It involved live improvisations by Ryan, Adam and thee mighty TONY IRVING (Ascension/Descension, Cyclone Trio, Unity Gain etc) on drums. Adam presented a spoken word section between each piece with improvisations from Tony and Ryan in the background. These texts will feature in the liner notes to the vinyl version of The Songs of Baron Samedi ONLY and this will be out soonish we promise through CONQUEST OF NOISE records where you can PRE-ORDER the beast and receive a digital copy with your purchase...they even have the album up for streaming on the website at the moment.

A N Y W A Y....the Radio Ballad in all it's demented glory is available as a PODCAST o v e r HERE! so you can listen again and again and again. We believe it will end up there in perpetuity but really that is up to Adrian and Kurt who were most kind to welcome THE SCRAPES and TOny on the show on Sunday. We will hijack the bastards again no doubt. RUSTED SATELLITES is the best.

NOW...The Scrapes will go quiet as a live entity for a few months as Adam travels many corners of the world in search of...well many things. If you want to keep up on what he gets up to on the trip go to Adam's UNDERGROUND VIOLIN BLOG. He will also be unleashing a new tape of solo acoustic fiddle explorations on C AB IN FLOOR ESOTERICA later in the year he hopes...if that link doesn't work simply search the label...seems to be an issue with the link sometimes. Adam's first stop is NYC where he will be jamming with Free Jazz Beat Poet who knows what else and spending plenty of time looking at scores with one of his most serious influences..HENRY FLYNT. Yes it's true. This will all be made possible with assistance from The Australia Council For the Arts, the Australian Government's arts funding body.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Tonight! The Songs of Baron Samedi Radio Ballad


The Scrapes hijack the 4ZZZ studio for a full 2 hours (probably) 6-8PM AEST (GMT +10/UTC +10)

Tune in to 4ZZZ 102.1FM Brisbane

OR ONLINE & ON DEMAND especially for our friends overseas and interstate!

We're gonna hog-tie Adrian and Kurt at Rusted Satellites and force feed them insanity and noise while we take you on a journey through the new album and treat you to a live performance, live to air, with the one and only TONY IRVING joining us on drums.

Let ANARCHY abound.