Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Review of Baron Samedi tape in The Wire

Go over and get your copy of this "Sharp" album at S O F T A B U S E

Vinyl version is coming soon (it really is!) on CONQUESTOFNOISE

And as many of you know this is by no means our second release. You can hear just some of the stuff we've created and managed to wrangle into digital files, CDs and vinyls over at THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP and you can still buy CDs and vinyl of both Kali Yuga Sunrise (2011/12) and Electric Mourning Blues (2010) at your local record store, online and from ALL IS NUMBER RECORDS. These items are very very very close to becoming sold out! Whether we repress is anybody's guess.

And to further comment on the review - we Scrapes feel it is simply the RIGHT THING TO DO to acknowledge the traditional owners of Australia since our government and sadly still the vast majority of our people don't. Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

Merci touts le mondes,
Les Scrapes