Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moon Far Away

Truly beautiful Russian group...

Also we Scrapes are playing X & Y tonight! Brisbane's fortitude valley....8pmish...details on the myspace and facebook pages!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Terrascope rumble about Electric Mourning Blues! have kindly said a word about the album in their Rumble for it is:

"Out of Brisbane, Australia, comes The Scrapes, a duo consisting of violin player Adam Cadell and guitarist Ryan Potter. Having released a highly acclaimed home-made CDR, ‘Electric Mourning Blues’ they’ve now converted it into a proper release on Joy. The instrumental music presented is dronish and psychedelic, sometimes with repetitive patterns, either slightly amplified, or with the amplifier turned to eleven, distorting the instruments into fields of Sunn O))). The inspiration is said to be artists like Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and La Monte Young, as well as Tony Conrad and Spacemen 3. Listening to this music I would go for the electric ones. Even though presented by only two players their music is really rich of impressions and moods. About and hour of music split into nine magnificent pieces. Most of the time I just lean back, full of trust for this powerful chamber music extravaganza, and enjoy every moments of it. Where to find it? A lot of places, but to make it easy you can use one of my own favourites:"

- Stefan Ek,

Friday, July 2, 2010

The ArchDrude SPEAKS AGAIN!!!

Julian Cope has once again reviewed our work with a fantastic review of Electric Mourning Blues in his July Drudion!

Here it be:

"Next, the Scrapes are back with another fucking downer delight to suit your every suicide. Just one year after reviewing their self-titled debut album (see Drudion June 2009CE), violinist Adam Cadell and guitarist Ryan Potter have returned with nine brand new meditations for our delectation; nine ripe-to-the-point of overcast medications for e. guitar & violin, all collected together under the name of ELECTRIC MOURNING BLUES, stuff to drench the listeners’ synapses with a veritable virus of sadness and doom weepage. Far better than last year’s excellent debut, ELECTRIC MOURNING BLUES still sounds like Overhang Party playing the downer bits of the Doctors of Madness, but even more so. And that’s a fucking Useful thing to be hefting our way. Thanks may be sent to these druids at (, and score your own copy of this suck-u-lent work for the excellent artwork also."

Thanks Julian you're a fucking legend! All I can say to you three or so readers is this...listen to Cope's L.A.M.F 'Ambient Metal' album and do yourselves a favour!