Thursday, July 31, 2014

Scrapes Forensics

A huge thank you to all who came along to the final residency performance at The Bearded Lady on Sunday night the 27th and an extra special thanks to those dedicated comrades who came to every one of the know who thou art.

Thee nexte Scrapes performance is later in August. The 22nd for that matter. ONCE AGAIN at The Mighty Bearded Lady in Brisbane's only mostly PUP-free area West End. This time it's a big one for the BRISBANE FRINGE FESTIVAL and we're pairing up with the excellent PRIMITIVE MOTION to bring you some cutting-edge sonic brainstorm....whatever that is...even we don't know...I just made it up then. Doors around 8pm and it's FREE.

The following day we Scrapes will be involved in THIS

THEN THEN THEN on 30 August we will be performing at the annualish Psych Night at an undisclosed warehouse location.  If you know what this is about you know what this is about. It looks to be huge.

That's right we will be busy busy in August. To top it off we will hopefully be sifting through the captured sounds from our residency gigs in order to complete our beast of a new long-player THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI which promises to take you to places our previous records hadn't even heard of yet.

OK here's some more photos from our residency performances brought to you by the excellent Reuben Warburton. Indeed he's even responsible for that wonderful pic you no doubt saw when you headed here....the one up there...scroll's some more...

Will bring you some more photos in the near future dear reader/listener to keep you from getting bored/mental before your next Scrapes fix. 

See you then,
Dr Adam

Friday, July 25, 2014

Final Residency Performance at Bearded Lady

Dear Scrapes fiends,

Our final residency performance is upon us at The Bearded Lady in Brisbane's West End. 27th July. This coming Sunday. FREE. First set at 4pm. Second at 6:30pm.

HERE is a write up of last week's gig with some photos.

And here are some photos from the brilliant Reuben Warburton from last week's performances.

Don't miss the next one. See you Sunday!

Saturday, July 12, 2014


INTERVIEW with yours truly over in the The Music Brisbane edition. Pg 28. Read IT. INTERVIEW with Ryan in Scene magazine too. Same topic. REMEMBER tomorrow afternoon it begins. THE SCRAPES RESIDENCY AT BEARDED LADY WEST END BRISBANE AUSTRALIA 2 sets 4pm and 6:30pm. Don't miss any of them. 13, 20, 27 July. FREE.


The poster is up there....scroll up.... These performances may or may not be recorded for the upcoming The Songs of Baron Samedi album release to be released hopefully before the year is out.

More gig announcements coming soon particularly to do with Brisbane Fringe Festival and after....


Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Interview!

An INTERVIEW in last week's Scene magazine with Ryan has appeared on on Interview back there...go on.

THIS SUNDAY. 13 July, THE BEARDED LADY, West End, 4pm and 6:30pm. 2 sets. FREE. The beginning of a residency every remaining Sunday in July. See you there.


Thursday, July 3, 2014

Tony Irving & Adam Cadell collaboration OUT NOW!

Out now on Duskdarter! A collaboration between Scrapes guitarist Adam (me) and non-linear drummer Tony Irving. Free download! All details revealed at the Duskdarter site and bandcamp...including the involvement of the other Scrape in making it sound as good as it does.

The launch is this Saturday, 5 July, at the Waiting Room, Browning St, West End, Brisbane. 8pm. $10. Also playing will be Kahl Monticone releasing his new set of recordings also on Duskdarter and another Duskdarter stalwart Built From Sticks. Come and see the vibrant, incestuous, Brisbane new music underground at its best!