Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big in Ghanaaaa

So motherfuckers. It's been a little while between posts but that's not because we don't love you...we just don't know you.
The Barbarian Meditator, aka The Doctor, aka Dr Kwabena, has been settling in to his new home of Accra, Ghana and interrogating local Nigerians and local locals about what's hip and what's not in the world of West African music. The biggest thing around at the moment is a mostly shit Nigerian band called PSquare and their infinitely irritating "Chop My Money" (which essentially means "give my money away like it means nothing"). Capitalism's effect on the 3rd world is, not surprisingly, UNfunny. Some PSquare is kind of dark and interesting though but it's mostly poppy and irritating. The Doctor is not pleased.
I am essentially on a quest to find the most fucked up music in West Africa and I will find it. Let you all know when the Barbarian Meditator hits no 1 on the Ghanaian charts.
End transmission.
Chop my fucking money

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1st November! Last Scrapes gig in Brisbane for a While!!!


THE SCRAPES appear live once more at Brew bar and cafe, Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane CBD
1 NOVEMBER 2012 come for after work/uni drinks you bastards...
It's fucking FREE!
That's right it's so amazing that swearing profusely is entirely motherfucking necessary!!!
The end of an era is upon us...but we shall return soon enough!

6:15pmish - FEET TEETH DUO (Free-freak out acoustic-electric)
7:15pmish - BOB WEATHERALL (Ex-Dick Desert, general all-round legend)
8:15pmish - THE SCRAPES (you know who we are...we will be playing some golden oldies!)

Did I mention it was FREE. Well goddamn it is...
Come and drink yourselves stupid/stupider

Seriously Brisbane you will not see us haunting your dark corners like Marx's spectre until the arse end of 2013 at the earliest so DO NOT MISS IT.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Dear fiends of Scraping,

Unfortunately, due to unforseen illness making it impossible for Ryan to travel, we Scrapes have had to cancel our appearance in Sydney tonight at The Grifter Brewing Company's meet & greet at The Little Guy in Glebe.

We apologise to any of our fans or friends who were looking forward to checking us out and we can only promise that we will be back again in the future! We also apologise to our friends at The Grifter and wish 'em all the best for tonight. Thanks for your understanding guys! Bloody legends.

Anyway you bastards should all show up anyway and support local made produce. Fuck corporations and fuck imperialist globalised liquor brands...even if they are cheap and intoxicating...get a Grifter up ya!

See you another time Sydney!

Lord Barbarian Meditator

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Scrapes be Griftin'

Hello you bastards...

Soooo in the sehr nehr futuhr we Scrapes will arrive in Sydney...Wednesday to be precise, the day of play at the launch of some fine beer locally made by some guys we don't know with some guys we do know...yep. The beer is THE GRIFTER and it is allegedly a fine brew (I don't know I haven't tasted it but I believe the Ryza has). This ain't no corporate shit, this is locally made DIY beer of the finest quality and we wouldn't back it otherwise. Beer is an highly important intoxicant for we Scrapes being Australia males and all...anyway enough shit from me your Barbarian Meditator, here be the details and the poster:

24 October
The Little Guy, 87 Glebe Point Rd, Sydney, Australia
6pm til Woden knows when.
It appears to be free too.
There are no limitations placed on we Scrapes so it will be a long set or a few sets including all our classic no.1 hits, free improv madness and Rallizes Denudes-inspired ear ringing plod-alongs...don't miss this shit man.

And we ain't kidding...unless someone pays me thousands of dollars to come home from Africa we will not be playing in Sydney again for quite some time so get on in and get on off....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ZZZ Rusted Compilation...Hearing Voices

Another compilation for all of you bastards. Aired last week on 4ZZZ FM Rusted Satellites here in Brisbane and now made into a neat little RAR for you to download free of charge.

Suggested track listing:

1. Baaba Maal - Hommage a Gue'Laye
2. Ewan MacColl - The Four Loom Weaver
3. J.B. Smith - I Got too Much Time for the Crime I done
4. Ulver - A Capella (Sielens Sang)
5. Phurpa - Fundamental Mantra of Bon
6. Brigitte Fontaine et Areski - Nous Avons Tant Parle


ReStrung Festival 26-28 October 2012

ReStrung is an extraordinary festival of new music occurring at Brisbane's Powerhouse from 26 October - 28 October 2012. For details and tickets go HERE
Many events are free, including we Scrapes on 27 October, the Turbine Platform, 9:30pm. Not to be missed!

Black Metal Isolation...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BARI Festival this Friday....

Dear Scrapers,

This Friday we Scrapes shall be installing ourselves in an installation...a light installation for that BARI (Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives) Festival, 5 October, the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brunswick st, Fortitude Valley. We'll be in the shopfront and it's free. 8-10pm with Scraping at 9pm. This will be essentially a blind date between us Scrapes and the strange flashing light beast created by Ketpis. Don't miss this shit...Presented by Small Lakes.

Friday, September 14, 2012

The Maryettas

Hello all,
Adam the Barbarian Meditator here once more with some exciting news. Ryan has given birth to a beast in the guise of his new album with his band The Maryettas. Called "Maried" it is available for free at The Maryettas' bandcamp

It features a great cast of players including Jackson Briggs (guitar, Nikko), Brock Fitzgerald (drums,The Scare, Wolf & Cub), Alex Mitchell (bass, Moses Gunnn Collective and even yours truly on violin and a certain Lewis O'Leary on backing vocals. This shit is great and shows off Ryan's incredible talent as a songwriter. Countrified and totally fried get this shit while it's still free!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Desert Warrior

I never thought I'd ever say this but this is an incredible use of auto-tune! Take me to the desert....
Dig all,
Barbarian Meditator

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Afro Futures Compilation for the Zeds

The latest compilation from the Barbarian Meditator himself as heard on Thursday night on Rusted Satellites, 4ZZZ 102.1FM Bris bane.

30 mins of forward thinking beautiful blackness.
Correct tracklisting is:

1. Billy Bang - Kia Mia

2. Funkadelic - Maggot Brain

3. Sun Ra - Satellites are Spinning

4. Lil' B - Earth's Medicine

Drop this bad boy and free your mind!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Awesome Tapes From Africa

Seriously one of the best, if not THE best, blogs on the internet. Awesome Tapes From Africa. Incredible music stored on this vast library of African weirdness. You can spend days listening to it and still come back for more! Get it in there: AWESOME TAPES

Friday, August 24, 2012

Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke It....

Next Thursday 30 August, FREE
The End
Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane
The Scrapes on stage at 8:30pm
DJs Ryza B & the Barbarian Meds to follow spinning Highlife/dielife/cuntry/psychedelia/doom/gloom/whateverthefuckwefeellike

One of our rare headline shows and an even rarer DJ set and not to be missed....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gig this Saturday 25 August

This is coming up on Saturday Briswegian Scrapers...

25 August
Waiting Room
Doors 7:30pm or something
Ghost Notes vinyl album relaunch
Ghost Notes
Faspeedelay (VIC)

$10 or so we think....

This is going to be a great gig to kick back in an Old Queenslander (it's a house on stilts common to Queensland, and what the Waiting Room happens to be, to you non-Australians who might stumble across this post) with a cheap clean skin red to. Don't miss it...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

11 August gig POSTPONED. New date 18 August.

Hello Scrapes worshipping derelicts of the internet.

The announced 11 August show at Tribal has been postponed due to unforseen stupidity that was beyond the control of the booking agent.

He has done well though and set up a fresh gig the following Saturday the 18th at a new venue. Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. Same lineup minus Do the Robot.
FREE. Doors from 5pm but bands start around the 7:30 mark.

Get in there!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New 4ZZZ compilation: Ambient Grimnessssss

Hello Scrapers,

Soooo I once again appeared on Rusted Satellites, 4ZZZ FM Brisbane on Thursday this week and presented another 30 min gem encrusted with solid madness.

This one was titled "Ambient Grimness" and explores the ambient side of Black Metal, finishing up with one of my solo tracks from my Barbarian Meditations album available in full at the PLANETOFTHESCRAPES Bandcamp! Or at

Here's the grim and necro tracklisting:

1. Glossolalia - Ropes
From their awesome Gold in the Throat tape out on Crepusculo Negro. I'd put a link up but they still haven't sent me my Odz Manouk and Kallathon tapes so they can kiss my arse ha ha haaaaa.

2. Yellow Eyes - Cathedral
From their similarly awesome Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth tape.

3. Ziel Bevrijd - Le Parfum des Larmes
From their self-titled number. Not sure about these guys really...could be dodgy politically but haven't found any info on them. This one's instrumental anyway and grim as all hell.

4. Menace Ruine - One Too Many
From their incredible The Die Is Cast album. We love this at The Scrapes planet. Head over to Aurora Borealis records and buy this NOW! This one should become the Scrapes unofficial anthem as the name says it all ha ha ha.

5. Near - Black Soul's Lament
From their Dark Art of Death Hidden in the Castle tape.

6. Adam Cadell - Howl Like a Jackyl
From my Barbarian Meditations album. You can get this for free or send me a little dough at Bandcamp and if you send me $15AUD I'll make up a CDR or tape version of it for you and send it straight to your doorstep.

Enjoy this one folks. I'm off to the pub.
Adam Scrape


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ZZZ Rusted Compilation 1: Delay or DIE!!!

So as some of those of you who listen to Brisbane's excellent 4ZZZ FM - or read The Scrapes facebook - know, I (Adam) have recently been made an honorary occasional-whenthetimecallsforit-whenAdrianneedscompany-co-host of Rusted Satellites, the brilliant ambient etc. programme that airs 8pm - 10pm AEST, Sundays.

My first appearance was this previous Sunday the 15th and what a show it was! Actually I was quite hungover and didn't have a great deal to say...but I did get to present for the most part my 30 min special - a declaration of love for delay-soaked music - "Delay or DIE!!!". One can download the whole playlist of the show at the ZZZ website I believe; or at least stream it or something. And you can stream the show as it goes to air from this site anywhere in the world at the appropriate time as your own timezone denotes something something....

But but can now download the whole fucking 30 mins of MY special right here as a .rar file. With artwork I "exclusively" found doing a google image search and a line-up of mind-manifesting can't afford to not download this shit. It will cleanse your synapses, free your mind, and if you're in luck, your arse will follow.

I will be putting up every one of my 30 min specials as they come as downloads here at Planet of the Scrapes so be sure to check in irregularly....

Here is Rusted Compilation 1....

1. Scientist & Jammy - 'The Death of Mr. Spock' from Scientist & Jammy Strike Back

2. Taj Mahal Travellers - 3rd track from July 15, 1972

3. A.R. & Machines - 'Beautiful Babylon' from Der Grune Reise, 1970

4. Omar Souleyman - 'Eih Min Elemkom' from 'Al Jazeera Nights'

5. Les Rallizes Denudes - 'White Awakening' from Cable Hogue Soundtrack

(If your download is not in this order then switch it around in your player as the order is goddamn integral to the desired effect and fucked if I know how to make that stuff work properly!)

Delay or DIE!!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Planet of the Scrapes news you bastards!

Upcoming gigs: 14 July, 11 August, 25 August, 1st September, 28th October and more TBA! Head over to the Gigs section for more details. All happening in Brisbane but there may be a Sydney date or two to announce soon...

In further news the ALL NEW PLANET OF THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP STORE is now open so head on over to find samples and links to purchase Scrapes and Adam Cadell solo albums. Keep an eye on that fucker as more is to be added very soon.

AND and and and we shall be restocking our vinyl at Jet Black Cat Records in West End for any of you Brisbane freaker outerers who bother to read this blog and don't have a copy of Kali Yuga Sunrise on vinyl yet. Seriously it will run out soon and we have no plans to make any more yet so it may be your one and only chance. This restocking will occur literally in about 2 hours. We may have other Jet Black Cat news to announce soon!

Also the vinyl is restocked at Rocking Horse Records as well so Brisbane scum never fear we worship at your altar and have made further offerings.

AND last but definitely not fucking least we Scrapes are working on a soundtrack for a new short film to be out later this year...more on this as it unfurls....

See you all at the gigs,

Der Scrapen

Friday, June 22, 2012

Black Twilight

I have been getting madly into lo-fi Black Metal again of late...a former passion of my youth that's never really gone away but has enveloped my interest once more after discovering the incredible Black Twilight Circle based in California. Black Metal with a Brown Power message more or less...very interesting scene they've got going.

I highly recommend you mosey on over to Crepusculo Negro to check it all out and blow thine mind!

Dolorvotre - grim and psychedelic, totally messed up....

Shataan - their War Cry Lament tape has suitably blown my don't even need to dig your metal to get into this...there's flute for fuck's sake!

See you all Brisbane scum tomorrow night at the Nikko, Gold & Red album launch...probably.

Happy Friday ye bastards ye,

ps. for some Planet of the Scrapes releases that are coming up that are not necessarily Scrapes but feature my violin scraping and Ryan's production expertise head on over to my BANDCAMP and download some's free if you're so stingy you can't even send a fiver my way...yes I'm looking at you...and YOU.

Adam Cadell "A Radical Perspective" out 1st July on whatever format I send to you if you order, via PLANET OF THE SCRAPES

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

14 June at Brew, Brisbane CBD

Upcoming giggage!

14 JUNE 7pm
The Scrapes + mates at...
Brew, Lower Burnett Lane
Brisbane Central Bullshit District

Be there or be a complete something something.....

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cam Butler Saturday

Saturday the 2nd of June!
Cam Butler 'Save My Soul' album launch
Brisbane, Juggler's Artspace, upper end of Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Doors 7:30
Scrapes up first at 8pm
Cam at 9pm
Videos run all night as bands play.
Cheap and awesome bar.
CDs, Vinyl etc available
Faceshit Event Page:

You have been warned...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Attention You bastards


GHOST NOTES will be launching their double vinyl on 25 August at the Waiting Room in Brisbane's West End.
We Scrapes shall be joining them along with Melbourne band Faspeedelay who are launching an EP or something.
We won't be launching anything....except for you...straight into a wall made of cosmic debris! Or hell...depends on how you experience it really. All new music from The Scrapes as always and there will be copies of our album at the live gig low rate you can't get nowhere else selling stuff.

Be there or be irredemably square....

AND COMING UP NEXT WEEK!!!! SILVER SIRCUS SINGLE LAUNCH @ SYC STUDIOS IN EAST BRISBANE!!!! 26 MAY. SCRAPES SUPPORT. Going to be a night of Scraping drones in gypsy tundras and tales of great debauchery. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


An impending Scraping is upon us!

10 MAY
at Crossbows: A Festival for Small Ensembles
at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, South Bank, Brisbane, Australia etc.
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Oval Stage

For more information on these shenanigans please head on OVER

Or if you're into that Facebook shit go HERE

And if you want to buy tickets then you should get the fuck on over to HERE
They come in all shapes and sizes for instance: $30 day passes and $100 festival passes

There will also be a merch store specialising in the music of the 70 odd groups performing at this monstrous festival including us Scrapes so if you have been too goddamn lazy to buy a copy of either of our proper releases then get your arses into that shop and support Australian independent artists before we become an extinct species like so many other animals in this fucking sunburned land.

And if you wankers are jonesing for more Scraping but can't find anymore recordings of our voluminous scatterings of work floating all over the shop then you should all know that Adam has released a new solo album through Planet of the Scrapes called BARBARIAN MEDITATIONS
For fans of our noisier side only we dare say! Solo violin with engineering and dub mastery by King Ryan. Best used to meditate the fascists away. Listen hard! It's FREE or you can make a donation to Adam and help him stay drunk well into his 30s! It's also available as a CDR with handmade art by the man himself. Each copy will be completely unique! These downloads and CDR orders can be made only from the Adam Cadell bandcamp page so go there and do it already.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother North

Norwegian Black (and Viking) Metal was an incredible eye-opener. A gateway into a new world of sound. This music should be heralded as the birth of whole new musical languages and techniques. The guitarwerk of Euronymous, for instance, is highly underrated as an innovation in guitar-playing and indeed an innovation in tonality within the Metal genre. Black Metal is truly, at its best, a genre that transcends definition within the commercial realms of genre/style/market and other sickening bullshit. It is also a massive influence on elements of the Scrapes sound...mostly from Adam's end. Black Metal blew Adam's mind many years ago and it should blow yours too....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fuck the LNP Part 3...

Something to think about.....This sort of thing happened under the LNP last time Queenslanders...Sir Joh funded nazi action? Maybe, maybe not. Funny then that today marks a massive Neo-Nazi celebration and gig somewhere here in Brisbane....who's in charge again?


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vinyl available in store!!!

Dear Scrapers,

Copies of the CD version of Kali Yuga Sunrise are selling out fast from the Planet of the Scrapes store but are available all over the place via All Is Number in super limited quantities.

Copies of the vinyl version are still around too in various stores and here at the Planet of the Scrapes store. Buy now or die!... Without ever having owned a copy....even if you don't have a vinyl player the beast comes with beautiful artwork and photos AND a download card so you can get the album in glorious lossless Mp3 format and mount the rest of it on your wall or use it as a huge drink coaster or centrepiece for your coffee table or some bourgeois shit like that...just buy it...

CDs may run again but vinyls may be a one off so get in there! If you're all futury and stuff just download it from a million different retailers like iTunes and so on.

Our first album Electric Mourning Blues is also still available in incredibly limited numbers of CDs and online from various retailers and of course the wonderful All Is Number Records.

Go on then....

Fuck the LNP Part 2...

Thursday, March 29, 2012

31st of March....

Hello intrepid planetary you've come upon our lonely planet....turning on a crooked axis....

Here's a new post of interest to anyone who loves hearing the violin all by its lonesome....out for FREE on bandcamp as a download...or you can make a donation...the first compilation of my old compositions...which will be followed by compilations of newer ones and maybe even a proper album one day...who fucking knows really...anything's possible here at POTS...anyway just go here on 31st of MARCH and download it and see what you think...or stream it and then decide to donate me a fuckload of money so I can keep making stuff like this in a more refined fashion and download it after that...up to you really....


Xie Xie,
Adam Scrape

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Takin' Over...

Hello all,

The Scrapes - Kali Yuga Sunrise is now available all over the place. Spreading like an incurable disease. Just google it and you can find it near you...particularly if you live in the US, Australia or Europe/UK. If you live elsewhere just hit up any number of online retailers (including this site) to get your copy now! Physical copies are running out but mp3s are forever.

Get into it.

From Dali Yunnan,
Adam el Scraper

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fascist Pigs

Dear stumblers upon the planet of the scrapes,

The elite are getting together to try and take over our media here in Australia. The corruption runs deep. This is thoroughly unacceptable! They already rape the land. Will we let them rape our minds too?