Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Archdrude Speaks on Adam Cadell Solo

Hello all,

So as this blog gets increasingly neglected I must implore all to look up The Scrapes on facebook for more direct and constant updates. We definitely have some things coming up in the New Year!

So on a Scrapes related note there is a gig happening here in Brisbane tonight with yours truly Adam Cadell and the down downerhome cuntry of Mr. Jackson Reid Briggs of Nikko and The Maryettas infame.

2 Jan
The End
Up From The Swamp - Adam Cadell + Jackson Briggs

Don't fucking miss it. And here's another reason why. Mssr Julian Cope el Archdrude supreme has run across my solo works which you can find HERE for a small donation or even free if you're a cheap bastard. He's given me a very nice little write up in his New Years Drudion over HERE

Here's an excerpt: "Anticipate instead the rural joys of Henry Flynt’s bucolic hoedown-a-thons but enlarged into La Monte Young levels of monotony, or imagine even an unaccompanied Tony Conrad embarking on a Faustless OUTSIDE THE DREAM SYNDICATE. For this single meditation remains at all times on course, even when Mr Cadell’s instrument takes on a curious French horn timbre." Julian Cope, Head Heritage

Here's the poster for the gig tonight: