Friday, June 22, 2012

Black Twilight

I have been getting madly into lo-fi Black Metal again of late...a former passion of my youth that's never really gone away but has enveloped my interest once more after discovering the incredible Black Twilight Circle based in California. Black Metal with a Brown Power message more or less...very interesting scene they've got going.

I highly recommend you mosey on over to Crepusculo Negro to check it all out and blow thine mind!

Dolorvotre - grim and psychedelic, totally messed up....

Shataan - their War Cry Lament tape has suitably blown my don't even need to dig your metal to get into this...there's flute for fuck's sake!

See you all Brisbane scum tomorrow night at the Nikko, Gold & Red album launch...probably.

Happy Friday ye bastards ye,

ps. for some Planet of the Scrapes releases that are coming up that are not necessarily Scrapes but feature my violin scraping and Ryan's production expertise head on over to my BANDCAMP and download some's free if you're so stingy you can't even send a fiver my way...yes I'm looking at you...and YOU.

Adam Cadell "A Radical Perspective" out 1st July on whatever format I send to you if you order, via PLANET OF THE SCRAPES

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

14 June at Brew, Brisbane CBD

Upcoming giggage!

14 JUNE 7pm
The Scrapes + mates at...
Brew, Lower Burnett Lane
Brisbane Central Bullshit District

Be there or be a complete something something.....