Saturday, October 1, 2011

OUT NOW! Around a Dreamland Recordings international compilation!

This comp features the debut of Closed Cirtcuit, one of the tracks from our forthcoming album Kali Yuga Sunrise! Also features tracks by these artists:

Luke Sutherland with Andrea Gómez, The Coralinas, Yellow6, Saskia Sansom, Tim Catlin, Automating, The Lonely Drone, Scott Taylor, Absent Without Leave, Vord, Chris Smith, Lost to the City, Shiny Around the Edges, Silent Land Time Machine, The Scrapes, The Boy Who Spoke Clouds, Panoptique Electrical, Lawrence Chandler, More States, Constant Light, Remora, Penguins, Adam Hunt, Rotteur, Northern Valentine, Summer of Glaciers, Vodnik, Keith Levene, A Death Cinematic, K Mason, Wolf 359, Venus Ray, Mitre, The Ghost of 29 Megacycles, Eluder, Landing, Delta Waves

Here's the blurb from the Dreamland site to talk it up:

An international collection of music and sounds from friends and new discoveries.

Gathering an epic selection of 37, brand new, unreleased, and previously released tracks, Around is our way of shining a small light on a vast array of talented artists we have befriended since the label’s inception in 2002, with special consideration to Australian artists.

Available in a variety of digital formats, this release is offered as a free or pay as you like download.
released 01 October 2011