Tuesday, April 29, 2014

First Scrapes gigs since 2012, Brisbane, THIS WEEK

Dear fiends of Scrape,

This week sees the live appearance of we Scrapes in Brisbane for the first time since 2012. This is not to be missed.

First we have a quiet one tomorrow night, 30 April 8pm, FREE at The End, 73 Vulture St, West End. This will be a droned out warm up for the big one:

3 May - Psych High Way 3 at the Beetle Bar, Upper Roma St. 8pm. $12/$10.
I know I don't have to tell those of you who bother to read this site but I'm going to get on my high horse anyway: no two Scrapes gigs are ever the same. Come to both.

From what I've heard the other groups are going to be brilliant as well. Don't miss this stuff...you never know when we might disappear into the ether once more....

Dr Adam

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Violin Nerds - and Ryan nerds - Pay Heed

Hello Scrapers,

So while we Scrapes are working away at new pieces I would like to point something out to any of you who are jonesing to nerd out on all things obscure and violin. I have another blog called UNDERGROUND VIOLIN at which I post various ramblings, videos, essays, audio whatever pertainig to radical and underground violin music of all types. I keep it separate so as to not bore the shit out of those Scrapes followers who don't care much for knowing the quantity of rosin used on a northern Ghanaian Gondze bow in 1867. For those of you who do:

Go here: http://undergroundviolin.blogspot.com.au

and sign up for the newsletter etc so you know when I get inspired to post something...which is quite often really. Latest post is about South African Zulu Township Jive fiddle music....incredible stuff!

I also place updates on my solo stuff and there's a page dedicated to that there as well.


And while you're at it why not leave the occasional comment here and there. Be good to know who's reading this fucking thing...

ALSO ALSO ALSO Ryan has just brought out a collection of NEW SONGS in solo form HERE

While you're there order a Maryettas "Great Australian Rope Trick" tape before they're Long Gone.

Can't wait to Scrape your faces off at some upcoming gigs.


Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Scrapes New Album in the Works

Dear Scrapes fiends,

We trust this message finds you all well. It's been a long time between posts on this website but so what.

So The Scrapes have been in hiding recording new pieces which will make up the new Scrapes album hopefully ready for release sometime this year. One of the tracks will most likely appear in a compilation of sorts for a label of sorts that we can't really tell you anything about now but we'll let you know what's going on when the time is right.

One thing we can tell you is that the new album will be a dark journey with a new percussive element (NOT a drummer) that will freak you all out more than ever. Along with this new direction are the usual sparse La Monte Young drone outs and doom of the sexiest variety but all progressing along into uncharted territory. Trust us....you've never heard anything like some of this shit before....

In the future we will also be playing some gigs around Brisbane and hopefully elsewhere. If you're overseas and following us please do get in touch via email planetofthescrapes (at) gmail (dot) com and buy us a plane ticket or 5 so we can come and blow your minds.

If you haven't already google copies of our albums Electric Mourning Blues and Kali Yuga Sunrise and try and pick one up from a trusty record store as soon there will be none! We still have Kali Yuga vinyl in stock at the POTS store so stop on by and order if you need it.

See you at some gigs.....

Les Scrapes