Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Recording the album has been completed! Current title: "Electric Mourning Blues"

And here's some grainy photos I took on my phone:

Zero Interference Studios at Bowen Hills...had the perfect vibe for us...bit of a dark little space with a bunch of Indian rugs and random wires everywhere. Working with Bryce Moorehead over there was a breeze...liked his work...check out the microphone in the toilet to get nice natural reverb on the violin ha ha haaa.

We recorded most of it live over two days with very few takes to keep it nice and wild. Will mix it for the next couple of weeks before heading back for a mastering session with Bryce at the end of the month.

Electric Mourning Blues:
tracklist (in no particular order): Ecker's Tears, Antarctic Beach, Cold Shoulders, 1914, Electric Mourning Blues, Orlok, The Last Cocktail, Before There's Nothing Left.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Scrapes album...

Hello dear reader(s),

The Scrapes shall be entering Zero Interferance studios on Monday and Tuesday to record a yet to be titled album of all new works. It will include recent live favourites like Antarctic Beach, Before There's Nothing Left, Electric Mourning Blues, Eckers' Tears and golden oldies like Cold Shoulders and a work we originally composed for a student short film.

The album's artwork is currently being created by an artist who may or may not be closely related to a member of the duo. If you were lucky enough to get one of the handmade CDrs you will have seen his work before but here is another example. "Pool" Copyright Kim Cadell 2009

A new and fascinating instrument, also created by a relative, will feature in the album and in our current live actions so BEWARE THE DIDDLEY BO!

Speaking of live actions you can catch us next Saturday the 16th of January at the Boundary Hotel in West End here in Brisbane. We'll be on at 10:30pm but there are bands and various other artists performing from 4pm til midnight. Hope to see you there.

The Scrapes

Monday, January 4, 2010

Upcoming gig this Thursday the 7th

We shall be playing this Thursday the 7th at the Treasury Casino....yes the very cultural centre of Brisbane! Ha ha haaa. 8:15pm in the middle of a singer/songwriter sandwich...should prove to be inappropriate and thoroughly entertaining....hope to see you there!


The genius of David Tibet/Current 93

Boundary Hotel gig 16th January...we're on at 10:30pm or so!