Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Reminiscences on 10 Years of Scrapes (and still going) Part 1

10 Years of Scrapes. Back in early 2009 Ryan and I got together for our first lot of rehearsals at the sharehouse I lived in in Woolloongabba on Brisbane's inner south and we knew pretty well immediately we had something going that we liked. Within a couple of months we were at the Conservatorium of Music using their studio gear to record this first demo CDR in the orchestral hall, me at one end with a totally acoustic violin and Ryan at the other with his mammoth VASE amp and guitar. That battle laid the ground for these tracks followed by some overdubs which would soon become loops instead in live performances (if there even was electricity at the gig - I recall a gig in an abandoned house in Mitchelton that was forcibly acoustic - we may have recordings for that somewhere...) and all of that boring whatever. Point is 10 years ago we made THIS RACKET (below too) which you can make your own by heading over to bandcamp. We have no hard copies anymore. If you run a label and would love to release it in plush fashion with 500 pages of boring twaddle from me explaining every second of every day leading up to it like that Neil Young bio Shakey then drop us a line (or even if you'd just do a CD we'd probably think about it). Cover art is a unique piece by my old man Kim B. Cadell whose art has adorned every Scrapes album since thus far. Composition-wise a lot of the basic bits came from older compositions of mine that I made into a little demo very few people got called "Transmissions from a Traveller" (seedy sounding if you've got a filthy mind... and I know a lot of you do) but that also were string quartets such as Cold Shoulders which you can hear the String Quartet versh of HERE. Other bits then came from various ideas Ryan had that didn't fit with his band at the time Nikko (which I was also in for a time once we got The Scrapes rollin') and from our mutual love of the VU, Spacemen 3 etc. Yep. If you've read this far I applaud you. 10 Years of Scrapes...and still counting...we're quiet bastards but we're there...Thanks to all for your continuing interest. Adam (& Ryan).