Friday, December 23, 2011

The mighty Fenriz knows best...

The mighty Fenriz of Darkthrone posted this video up as a "bonus" for his infamous Band of the Week blog. Awesome stuff!

No Future - Splendour of my hometown from G Omen on Vimeo.

A new review ye bastards ye....

This little review came up in local Brisbane mag Timeoff just this week...

Here it be:

"The Scrapes sound a tiresome proposition on paper. An instrumental duo devoted to droning soundscapes of violin and guitar noise, the Brisbane pair have sounded like an idea too obvious to yield any results of genuine interest. Their exceptional 2010 debut Electric Mourning Blues, however, demonstrated the folly of such thinking - and Kali Yuga Sunrise continues along a similar vein of confounded expectations.

What's the difference? It's hard to say. The Scrapes music sounds somewhat how you would expect it to - long, almost stationary expanses of distorted textures - but there's a sense of specificity which elevates their soundscapes above simple jamming and self-indulgence. Where Electric Mourning Blues occasionally resembled a number of variations on a theme, Kali Yuga Sunrise is a comprehensive and evolutionary piece of work. The opening title track is a gnarled, crooked finger of noise wrapped around some faint, fleeting whisper of traditional folk music. The Age of Vice's swirling violin and almost imperceptible percussive undercurrent conjures up a melted, deconstructed vision of Morricone's spaghetti western scores. Intertwining ominous guitar with looped found sounds, See You In The Underworld feels like Tom Waits meets latter-era Neurosis.

What really distinguishes Kali Yuga Sunrise, however, is its sense of locale. It's a commendably ambitious and undeniably well-crafted listen but what will stick with a listener is the pair's uniquely cinematic and unpretentious vision of Australiana. There's something about the massive stretches of sound and raw, minimal instrumentation that ensures Kali Yuga Sunrise resonates with the Australian psyche in a way few records do."

#### Matt O'Neill

Monday, December 5, 2011

The Drude speaks only the truth....

Julian Cope has given his voice to the Planet of the Scrapes cause with a brilliant review of Kali Yuga Sunrise. Thanks to he for his continuing support!

"Back with their second monumental album KALI YUGA SUNRISE is Australian duo The Scrapes, whose initially highly austere La Monte Young-like solo geetar’n’solo fiddle attitude to meditative hoedowns have herein been supplanted by a far lusher array of sounds. Smoother and more new age-y, nevertheless, these Scrapes still practise a potent form of skull cleansing. From the opening bars of the splendid title track, violinist Adam Cadell saws and creaks like some North Sea Henry Flynt over Ryan Potter’s cyclical conservatory electric guitar, as though John Cale’s THE ACADEMY IN PERIL were the coming rage. But soon these Scrapes is stretching out into doomy eastern mantras, into spiky back porch hoedowns, into harmonica’n’bass drum-driven freight rides across the open prairie. And though we’re seemingly lost in a huge imaginary rural world, its always viewed remotely, from beneath a veil, or as though from a speeding train. Recorded on All Is Number Records, KALI YUGA SUNRISE is full of huge expansive ideas, compelling musicianship and fabulously useful drones. Another hit, methinks, gentlemen."

JULIAN COPE, December Drudion,Head Heritage

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Pre-orders of vinyl now available from Planet of the Scrapes store.
CDs now available from Planet of the Scrapes store!

CDs available + postage for $10 worldwide shipping.
Vinyl PRE-ORDER + postage when available $20 within Australia, $30 world.

LOOK OVER TO YOUR RIGHT it there....yes there...or go into the Planet of The Scrapes store and buy it and Electric Mourning Blues and get as much Doom Sexy as any motherfucker can handle....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Dawn of the Kali Yuga Sunrise

The Scrapes
3 Cities


25 November - Album Launch @ Juggler's Art Space, 103 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
The Scrapes
Margins.....all the way from Melbourne....
+ 4ZZZ Rusted Satellites DJs and exclusive Art Exhibition by award winning Brisbane artist and resident Scrapes album artist Kim Cadell.


30 November - FBI Social, Place and Spaces presents:
The Scrapes (Sydney Album Launch)
@ the Kings Cross Hotel, 6pm

2 December - The People's Republic of Australasia
The Scrapes
Joel Stern
This is a private event. If you are interested please leave a comment and we'll get in touch....


8 December - Bar Open, Fitzroy TBC

10 December - Northcote Uniting Church Hall + TBA

15 December - Album Launch, Gasometer, Fitzroy
The Scrapes
Cuba Is Japan
Margins Duo

18 December - The Old Bar, Fitzroy
The Scrapes
+ others

And that will mark the conclusion of The Scrapes aktions for 2011. Stay posted for ....The Return.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

OUT NOW! Around a Dreamland Recordings international compilation!

This comp features the debut of Closed Cirtcuit, one of the tracks from our forthcoming album Kali Yuga Sunrise! Also features tracks by these artists:

Luke Sutherland with Andrea Gómez, The Coralinas, Yellow6, Saskia Sansom, Tim Catlin, Automating, The Lonely Drone, Scott Taylor, Absent Without Leave, Vord, Chris Smith, Lost to the City, Shiny Around the Edges, Silent Land Time Machine, The Scrapes, The Boy Who Spoke Clouds, Panoptique Electrical, Lawrence Chandler, More States, Constant Light, Remora, Penguins, Adam Hunt, Rotteur, Northern Valentine, Summer of Glaciers, Vodnik, Keith Levene, A Death Cinematic, K Mason, Wolf 359, Venus Ray, Mitre, The Ghost of 29 Megacycles, Eluder, Landing, Delta Waves

Here's the blurb from the Dreamland site to talk it up:

An international collection of music and sounds from friends and new discoveries.

Gathering an epic selection of 37, brand new, unreleased, and previously released tracks, Around is our way of shining a small light on a vast array of talented artists we have befriended since the label’s inception in 2002, with special consideration to Australian artists.

Available in a variety of digital formats, this release is offered as a free or pay as you like download.
released 01 October 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wadali Brothers...

Was cruising home from the Black Bear Lodge gig in a cab driven by a guy from the Punjab....he graciously allowed me to pick his brain on music from his homeland - and in particular Sufi music - and he gave me some links written on a piece of receipt paper which I recently recovered from my coat...the Wadali Bros is at the top of the list....fucking amazing! Thank you Punjabi brother! Shall be more installments of this soon....

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Reson - Andrew McLellan and Adam Cadell

Soundcloud post I just stumbled upon....don't remember Andrew ever telling me this was up and available for hearing but it's a great composition. Originally recorded for 5.1 as a thing for the Queensland Conservatorium of Music it involves very sensitively miced cymbal and violin by your's truly. Those of you who bother reading this blog might know Andrew from Cured Pink who have played with we Scrapes a few times around town.

Here it be:

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Upcoming Scrapings....

Hello all and sundry, We Scrapes shall be scraping out the ear canals of our unlucky audience on these upcoming dates: More to be announced soon...a lot more! 16 September The Bridge Club, Brisbane Irish Club The Scrapes Nova Scotia Aheadphonehome Nite Fields 7pm $10 Do it 24 September Black Bear Lodge, where the Troub used to be, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane Two sets of mind blowing dronetastic madness 7pm and 8pm FREE don't miss it... 30 November Potluck an FBI Social, Sydney TBC Victorian Tour Dates TBA for December. Also for 16 September show there will be a compilation available of all bands involved including two exclusive new Scrapes tracks from our upcoming album whose name we dare not speak! AND another compilation "Around" coming out 1st October from Dreamland Recordings available on bandcamp and will be findable here: It features recordings by us and various other artists from around the world including Keith Levene of PIL fame goddamnit! Looking forward to that badboy. That's all so fuck off for now and we'll be in touch again soon. Theee Sccccrrrrraaappppess

Friday, August 26, 2011

Beware the Kali Yuga....

Upcoming gig motherfuckers...

This weekend is Shedstock. If you don't know what that is then too bad. There will be photos soon I'm sure of this strange and mysterious event...

16 September shall be a performance at the Bridge Club which is ostensibly a room in the Brisbane Irish Club in the city.

16 September
The Scrapes
Nova Scotia
Nite Fields

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Upcoming: James Cruickshank + The Stress of Leisure + The Scrapes

Check this shit out:

Tell everyone you know about it....every one. James is a legend in Australian music, having played with billions of people and in particular the Cruel Sea and that short-lived but fairly amusing band the Ladyboyz with Tex Perkins et al.

The Stress of Leisure is a band full of Brisbane stalwarts such as poet and performer Pascalle Burton.

Anyway Adam has played with James on a few occassions in the past and he may well be hopping up on stage on the night to play with him again. In Scrapesland we'll be blowing thine minds with some newies and some oldies and we've recently added a new member to the band....well really it amounts to about 500 new members...that's right we bought a second loop pedal...that's right not one but two loop pedals for the price of one...fuck yeah....

12 August
The Beetle Bar, 350 Upper Roma St, Brisbane
James Cruickshank
The Stress of Leisure
The Scrapes 8pm or so probably

Ja ja $25 seems like a bit much but it's not! You cheapskate. And the booze is really cheap at Beetle Bar. No excuses whatsoever.

Above photo by Colin Cadell: check out his brutal bastard band Schoenberg Automoton here:

And yes he's Adam's brother.
In further news....The Scrapes have launched our new bandcamp site thing and we've put up an old/new piece for you to taste before you eat the whole sheet when the new album comes out later in the year. This piece, Prison Hall, costs you as little as 50 cents....50 cents like that rapper that sucks...50 cents...anyway here is the place to go to do that:

Don't fuck about....just do it.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sonic Masala

Received a very rare non-spam comment the other day from Brendan T who runs a great blog called Sonic Masala...nice one man here it is:

Has some nice little write-ups about Brisbane bands and other great groups like Gnod, Expo 70 etc. Also has said a little about The Scrapes and about another band Ryan and I make a racket with Nikko.

I hope you won't mind Brendan but I liked your write-up about we Scrapes from last year so here it is for all to read easily but do visit his site as it looks great!

"These boys from Brisbane wont Scrape by for much longer...
I havent heard anything about these guys, but a passing reference to both the Dirty Three and the Drones was more than enough impetus to delve further. The Scrapes hail from Brisbane, have a debut LP Early Mourning Blues out, and sound amazing. They played at the same venue that Gareth Lilliard of the Drones did a solo gig at whilst I was in Brisbane - if Id known more about these guys I would have stuck around a little bit longer! Check out the live video of album closer 'Antarctica Beach' and join the bandwagon of fans that must surely be following these guys' progression with bated breath..."

Thanks for the kind words man! See any of you who bother to read this space on Thursday. I'm off to blow my mind with Eddie Hazel and luke-warm chai...yeah....


Thursday Night 28 July

Swan Districts from Adelaide....see below for more
The Scrapes

Caxton st, Paddington, Brisbane, Australia
It shall be FREE
Show up around 7:30pm
Scrapes on at 8pm
Districts swan on at 9pm

Friday, July 22, 2011

Holy shit...HAWK!

Above pic says it all really. Prog rock from Johannesburg...70s...awesome. A meeting of heavy rock with those instantly recognisable South African choir sounds and tribal touches. Poltical and full of imagery....find it and listen....

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Swan Districts flying their way up to Bris from Adelaide....

Swan Districts....great Adelaide duo. Check them out here:

We Scrapes shall be supporting them for a show here in Brisbane, Australia on Thursday the 28th of July at Cartel which exists on Caxton St, in what I believe is now called Paddington but what once was Petrie Tce. It's a coffee shop so it will prove to be a great intimate night of ambient delight or something. We Scrapes will be first up around 8:30pm it is believed. More to come on this....

A short story on Swan Districts. Last year we performed in Adelaide at what was supposed to be a lovely gallery gig. Good turn-out, bad beer...what more could you want??? Unfortunately someone didn't sort out certain legal issues with the local constabulary so the gig was cut short and we and Swan Districts didn't get to play...LUCKILY...someone in the audience was involved in another space nearby so those of us with the necccessary cajones moved onto this next space and played a quiet set in the basement...Swan Districts and us Scrapes...they were troopers for doing it and they gave us some tapes as well which are killer. We listened to them the next weekend in Hobart looking at the mountains and drinking good beer. These guys are coming to Brisbane and trust us Adelaide isn't only responsible for abominations like Hilltop Hoods and West End Draught...they also create some good droney guitar rock a la Spaceman 3 with even more mogodon up come to Cartel God damnit...

The Scrapes + Chih-Han for it is...

TEN10 Brisbane: The Scrapes x Chih-Han Hsu from Chih-Han Hsu on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live review....

The following is an excerpt of a live review by Sam Hobson for Timeoff issue 22nd June 2011:

"Opening act The Scrapes, tonight succeed in conjuring the very immediate sense that we're in for something completely different. Comprised of only two guys, one with an electric violin, the other, with what looks to be a giant, cello-bowed homemade guitar, strike up a yawning, multi-tonal drone; the shifting, tidal foundation for what's to be an immense, 30-minute epic. Their sound, at first, is seemingly without structure; just a dense, impressionistic wall of sound, from which subtle inflections and overlaps build, maddening, and filled with indecipherable flecks of movement, like white noise. Building a crescendo steeped in ache, they set an incredibly high bar for the following acts."

Nice. That was Deep C Exploration at Hangar Beetle, 18 June, he speaks of. We will be doing something similar tomorrow night at Ten10. Perhaps next time we'll do a piece called "A Mining"....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Ten10 stuff....

TEN10 BRISBANE from TEN10 on Vimeo.

24 June, Ten10, The Scrapes x Chih-Han Hsu, short film

This Friday, 24 June 2011
Featuring collaborations by visual artists and musicians such as us and Chih-Han Hsu...Chih-Han has come up with the goods and it is an amazing film. The film and sound track are completed in their short form and should be made available to the public sometime soon I'm sure.

Friday will feature an extended version of Chih-Han's film with we Scrapes doing an extended version of our soundtrack to said film. Expect omnipotent droning and scraping and screeching...Ryan will be bringing his double axe attack on Diddley-Bo and Guitar...not to be missed I tell thee...might even be a bit of Sitar in the picture I think....who knows...anything could happen on the night.

Check shit out about it here:

AND here:


Buy tickets and shit here:

The line-up is pretty impressive with other locals we've shared stages with such as Cured Pink and Tim Tate, Axxonn,Joel Stern and Sarah Byrne, some of the To The North boys, and a whole host of others whose names currently escape my sieve-like brain.

Just fucking come already...also James Squire is a sponsor so yeah....booze.

Tix also available at the door.
Lightspace, Light St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
Kicks off around 5pm I believe.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tonight 18 June....

Hello readers of doom,

We are playing tonight as the opening act for Ghost Notes' album launch.

Doors 8pm
Scrapes on at 8:45
Mountain Static
Ghost Notes

The Hangar, Beetle Bar, Upper Roma St in the backpacker area next to the union buildings and in front of that fucking stupid big shell station...on the way to Milton Rd/Caxton St type of thing.

We will be playing a 30 minute piece entitled Deep C Exploration.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Gonna see these motherfuckers tomorrow night...can...not....wait!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zorn, Anderson, Reed, Glass....

Upcoming gig: 18 June, Ghost Notes album launch at Beetle Bar, Brisbane. 8pm. $10

When hangar and the Troubadour shut their doors in late 2010 , Brisbane immediately had a shortage of intimate venues for leftfield folk/electronica/rock/indie acts. To help fill this void Lofly is pleased to announce that we will be curating a monthly hangar event at the Beetle Bar on Roma Street. Once the refuge of backpackers and musical outcasts, the Beetle Bar is a 350 capacity room with a mezzanine and a great PA (and cheap bar prices too). Lofly has some premium line ups lined up for the Beetle Bar, starting with the Ghost Notes album launch on June 18. Supports are McKisko, The Scrapes and Melbourne's Animal Collective-esque Mountain Static. Expect the familiar warm hangar vibe and sounds.


Ghost Notes

Mountain Static


The Scrapes

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Photographic Evidence 14/5/2011 @ X&Y Brisbane...

Thanks to Reuben Warburton for these great photos from the X & Y gig on Saturday 14 May. Was a good and interesting night I tell thee.

Upcoming aktions:
29 May - Basement 243, Valley, Bastard Theatre of Brisbane 2, features us and some artists from Indonesia as well as local Bastards. FREE and we will be using sitars...yes that's right....

1 June - Ric's, Valley + Leopard Prince. FREE, 8pm

18 June - Ghost Notes Album Launch, the Beetle Bar, Petrie Tce

24 June - Ten10

Friday, April 29, 2011

the royal family...

English coppers have alledgedly made pre-emptive strikes on squatters and dissidents before the bullshit royal wedding...hmmmm and it's the same western powers that show "outrage" when the Chinese government starts doing the same thing to its people...

Read the article here:

Thursday, April 21, 2011


SORTILEGE - The fucking sweetest metal band I've heard in ages...other than Metalucifer that is of course...pinched this from Wikipedia:

The band was formed in 1981 with Christian Augustin on vocals, Daniel Lapp on bass, Jean-Philippe (Bob) Dumont on drums and Stephane Dumont and Didier Demajean on guitars. Originally, the bands'name was Bloodwave.

The following year, the quality of their repertoire and their concerts in France improved so they were hired as an opening act for Def Leppard on their tour in France. Since none of the French record labels wanted to offer them a recording contract, they signed for the Netherlands label Rave-On Records. A few months later, the band recorded an EP titled "Sortilège" which was successful. With this initial success, the band signed to the French record label, Madrigal. A few weeks later, the band went to Germany to record their first album Métamorphose. This was again a success, especially in France and Germany.

With the success of Métamorphose, the band played in many international festivals and became popular in Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and France. Feeling that their French may harm global sales, the band decided to re-record their album Metamorphose in English. However, the English version of the record sold poorly everywhere except in Japan.

In 1986, Sortilège released their last album, Larmes de Héros. Like the previous album, it was recorded in Germany. At the same time they recorded an English version, which again sold badly.

Tired of the lack of public support, and difficulties encountered in relation to record companies, Sortilège decided to split up in 1986.

Get a copy of the album METAMORPHOSE whereever you is truly soulful metal. You can find a thieved copy of it here:
Don't think the band would mind since they broke up 25 years ago...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

All Hail Nick Shields!

Great video by our friend Tom Noakes. Starring Nick Shields aka Johnny Rainbow aka Gerald aka Swamp Thing....

Thanks to those boys for a good time in Sydney...

The Fiddler from lulabelle on Vimeo.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Absinthe o Absinthe

The Scrapes shall be heading down to Sydney for a couple of performances next week, one is a private show on the 8th April...please feel free to leave a comment if you want to be sent the appropriate details for that one!

The other is going to be quite the hootenanny me thinks: 7th April, The Loft UTS, Broadway, Sydney. See poster above! This bad boy is free so don't miss out if you live or are in the vicinity of Sydney Thursday week!

The Scrapes trip to Sydney is presented to you by Sound Travellers, an initiative of the Australia Council for the Arts.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Swedish Ghosts....

Old Swedish silent film with soundtrack by KTL....been around for a while but somebody's obviously decided to post it online...well worth watching!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Plastic Bullets...

Here is an album that everyone needs to hear...really unique Anarcho Crust from Ireland...

Found it at this amazing blog:

Highly recommend popping in for a visit and downloading some of the out-of-print gems he's got up there...I'd recommend not stealing the Sadistik Exekution album, however, as I still think you can buy it around the place here in Aussie...and I truly believe that Sad Ex will Fukking kill you if you steal their shit...just look them up on Youtube....disturbing....;)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Socialismo Satanico!!

Really interesting blog right here:

Red and Anarchist black we're talking. Not just BM on the blog though...all sorts of interesting lefty music. Well worth a look. Good to see people are reacting to all the right-wing shit flooding the underground.