Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dodging Bullets....

Fuck Omar Souleyman. Also go here and read this incredible story about a trip to get a Visa sorted out...Souleyman is an absolute legend and sorry to hear he has had to flee his homeland.

Dabke motherfuckers.

Doc Adam

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ethiopian scraping and jumping...

Helloooo all. Been a long time between posts sorry. Been travelling around Ghana and neighbouring countries seeing vodouns priests, sampling the moonshine, scrambling through jungle and tearing around sprawling urban wasteland on the backs of motorbikes...soon I will make my way to Senegal but I won't be making it to Ethiopia anytime soon to the best of my knowledge. Regardless I just discovered this video and felt compelled to share it. Seeeeriooous. Very similar in some ways to the Gonje of West Africa of which I am a student but bigger and doomier...the beats and so on are very different and seriously interesting...and I think we need dancers like that for all future Scrapes performances...on that front some performances in Aus are to be announced soon!

El Doctorrrr