Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cam Butler Saturday

Saturday the 2nd of June!
Cam Butler 'Save My Soul' album launch
Brisbane, Juggler's Artspace, upper end of Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley
Doors 7:30
Scrapes up first at 8pm
Cam at 9pm
Videos run all night as bands play.
Cheap and awesome bar.
CDs, Vinyl etc available
Faceshit Event Page:

You have been warned...

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Attention You bastards


GHOST NOTES will be launching their double vinyl on 25 August at the Waiting Room in Brisbane's West End.
We Scrapes shall be joining them along with Melbourne band Faspeedelay who are launching an EP or something.
We won't be launching anything....except for you...straight into a wall made of cosmic debris! Or hell...depends on how you experience it really. All new music from The Scrapes as always and there will be copies of our album at the live gig low rate you can't get nowhere else selling stuff.

Be there or be irredemably square....

AND COMING UP NEXT WEEK!!!! SILVER SIRCUS SINGLE LAUNCH @ SYC STUDIOS IN EAST BRISBANE!!!! 26 MAY. SCRAPES SUPPORT. Going to be a night of Scraping drones in gypsy tundras and tales of great debauchery. NOT TO BE MISSED.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


An impending Scraping is upon us!

10 MAY
at Crossbows: A Festival for Small Ensembles
at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, South Bank, Brisbane, Australia etc.
6:30pm - 7:30pm
Oval Stage

For more information on these shenanigans please head on OVER

Or if you're into that Facebook shit go HERE

And if you want to buy tickets then you should get the fuck on over to HERE
They come in all shapes and sizes for instance: $30 day passes and $100 festival passes

There will also be a merch store specialising in the music of the 70 odd groups performing at this monstrous festival including us Scrapes so if you have been too goddamn lazy to buy a copy of either of our proper releases then get your arses into that shop and support Australian independent artists before we become an extinct species like so many other animals in this fucking sunburned land.

And if you wankers are jonesing for more Scraping but can't find anymore recordings of our voluminous scatterings of work floating all over the shop then you should all know that Adam has released a new solo album through Planet of the Scrapes called BARBARIAN MEDITATIONS
For fans of our noisier side only we dare say! Solo violin with engineering and dub mastery by King Ryan. Best used to meditate the fascists away. Listen hard! It's FREE or you can make a donation to Adam and help him stay drunk well into his 30s! It's also available as a CDR with handmade art by the man himself. Each copy will be completely unique! These downloads and CDR orders can be made only from the Adam Cadell bandcamp page so go there and do it already.