Friday, August 24, 2012

Put This in Your Pipe and Smoke It....

Next Thursday 30 August, FREE
The End
Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane
The Scrapes on stage at 8:30pm
DJs Ryza B & the Barbarian Meds to follow spinning Highlife/dielife/cuntry/psychedelia/doom/gloom/whateverthefuckwefeellike

One of our rare headline shows and an even rarer DJ set and not to be missed....

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gig this Saturday 25 August

This is coming up on Saturday Briswegian Scrapers...

25 August
Waiting Room
Doors 7:30pm or something
Ghost Notes vinyl album relaunch
Ghost Notes
Faspeedelay (VIC)

$10 or so we think....

This is going to be a great gig to kick back in an Old Queenslander (it's a house on stilts common to Queensland, and what the Waiting Room happens to be, to you non-Australians who might stumble across this post) with a cheap clean skin red to. Don't miss it...


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

11 August gig POSTPONED. New date 18 August.

Hello Scrapes worshipping derelicts of the internet.

The announced 11 August show at Tribal has been postponed due to unforseen stupidity that was beyond the control of the booking agent.

He has done well though and set up a fresh gig the following Saturday the 18th at a new venue. Black Bear Lodge in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley. Same lineup minus Do the Robot.
FREE. Doors from 5pm but bands start around the 7:30 mark.

Get in there!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New 4ZZZ compilation: Ambient Grimnessssss

Hello Scrapers,

Soooo I once again appeared on Rusted Satellites, 4ZZZ FM Brisbane on Thursday this week and presented another 30 min gem encrusted with solid madness.

This one was titled "Ambient Grimness" and explores the ambient side of Black Metal, finishing up with one of my solo tracks from my Barbarian Meditations album available in full at the PLANETOFTHESCRAPES Bandcamp! Or at

Here's the grim and necro tracklisting:

1. Glossolalia - Ropes
From their awesome Gold in the Throat tape out on Crepusculo Negro. I'd put a link up but they still haven't sent me my Odz Manouk and Kallathon tapes so they can kiss my arse ha ha haaaaa.

2. Yellow Eyes - Cathedral
From their similarly awesome Silence Threads the Evening's Cloth tape.

3. Ziel Bevrijd - Le Parfum des Larmes
From their self-titled number. Not sure about these guys really...could be dodgy politically but haven't found any info on them. This one's instrumental anyway and grim as all hell.

4. Menace Ruine - One Too Many
From their incredible The Die Is Cast album. We love this at The Scrapes planet. Head over to Aurora Borealis records and buy this NOW! This one should become the Scrapes unofficial anthem as the name says it all ha ha ha.

5. Near - Black Soul's Lament
From their Dark Art of Death Hidden in the Castle tape.

6. Adam Cadell - Howl Like a Jackyl
From my Barbarian Meditations album. You can get this for free or send me a little dough at Bandcamp and if you send me $15AUD I'll make up a CDR or tape version of it for you and send it straight to your doorstep.

Enjoy this one folks. I'm off to the pub.
Adam Scrape