Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live review....

The following is an excerpt of a live review by Sam Hobson for Timeoff issue 22nd June 2011:

"Opening act The Scrapes, tonight succeed in conjuring the very immediate sense that we're in for something completely different. Comprised of only two guys, one with an electric violin, the other, with what looks to be a giant, cello-bowed homemade guitar, strike up a yawning, multi-tonal drone; the shifting, tidal foundation for what's to be an immense, 30-minute epic. Their sound, at first, is seemingly without structure; just a dense, impressionistic wall of sound, from which subtle inflections and overlaps build, maddening, and filled with indecipherable flecks of movement, like white noise. Building a crescendo steeped in ache, they set an incredibly high bar for the following acts."

Nice. That was Deep C Exploration at Hangar Beetle, 18 June, he speaks of. We will be doing something similar tomorrow night at Ten10. Perhaps next time we'll do a piece called "A Mining"....

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Ten10 stuff....

TEN10 BRISBANE from TEN10 on Vimeo.

24 June, Ten10, The Scrapes x Chih-Han Hsu, short film

This Friday, 24 June 2011
Featuring collaborations by visual artists and musicians such as us and Chih-Han Hsu...Chih-Han has come up with the goods and it is an amazing film. The film and sound track are completed in their short form and should be made available to the public sometime soon I'm sure.

Friday will feature an extended version of Chih-Han's film with we Scrapes doing an extended version of our soundtrack to said film. Expect omnipotent droning and scraping and screeching...Ryan will be bringing his double axe attack on Diddley-Bo and Guitar...not to be missed I tell thee...might even be a bit of Sitar in the picture I think....who knows...anything could happen on the night.

Check shit out about it here:

AND here:


Buy tickets and shit here:

The line-up is pretty impressive with other locals we've shared stages with such as Cured Pink and Tim Tate, Axxonn,Joel Stern and Sarah Byrne, some of the To The North boys, and a whole host of others whose names currently escape my sieve-like brain.

Just fucking come already...also James Squire is a sponsor so yeah....booze.

Tix also available at the door.
Lightspace, Light St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australia
Kicks off around 5pm I believe.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tonight 18 June....

Hello readers of doom,

We are playing tonight as the opening act for Ghost Notes' album launch.

Doors 8pm
Scrapes on at 8:45
Mountain Static
Ghost Notes

The Hangar, Beetle Bar, Upper Roma St in the backpacker area next to the union buildings and in front of that fucking stupid big shell station...on the way to Milton Rd/Caxton St type of thing.

We will be playing a 30 minute piece entitled Deep C Exploration.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Gonna see these motherfuckers tomorrow night...can...not....wait!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zorn, Anderson, Reed, Glass....

Upcoming gig: 18 June, Ghost Notes album launch at Beetle Bar, Brisbane. 8pm. $10

When hangar and the Troubadour shut their doors in late 2010 , Brisbane immediately had a shortage of intimate venues for leftfield folk/electronica/rock/indie acts. To help fill this void Lofly is pleased to announce that we will be curating a monthly hangar event at the Beetle Bar on Roma Street. Once the refuge of backpackers and musical outcasts, the Beetle Bar is a 350 capacity room with a mezzanine and a great PA (and cheap bar prices too). Lofly has some premium line ups lined up for the Beetle Bar, starting with the Ghost Notes album launch on June 18. Supports are McKisko, The Scrapes and Melbourne's Animal Collective-esque Mountain Static. Expect the familiar warm hangar vibe and sounds.


Ghost Notes

Mountain Static


The Scrapes