Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1st November! Last Scrapes gig in Brisbane for a While!!!


THE SCRAPES appear live once more at Brew bar and cafe, Lower Burnett Lane, Brisbane CBD
6pm...so come for after work/uni drinks you bastards...
It's fucking FREE!
That's right it's so amazing that swearing profusely is entirely motherfucking necessary!!!
The end of an era is upon us...but we shall return soon enough!

6:15pmish - FEET TEETH DUO (Free-freak out acoustic-electric)
7:15pmish - BOB WEATHERALL (Ex-Dick Desert, general all-round legend)
8:15pmish - THE SCRAPES (you know who we are...we will be playing some golden oldies!)

Did I mention it was FREE. Well goddamn it is...
Come and drink yourselves stupid/stupider

Seriously Brisbane you will not see us haunting your dark corners like Marx's spectre until the arse end of 2013 at the earliest so DO NOT MISS IT.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Dear fiends of Scraping,

Unfortunately, due to unforseen illness making it impossible for Ryan to travel, we Scrapes have had to cancel our appearance in Sydney tonight at The Grifter Brewing Company's meet & greet at The Little Guy in Glebe.

We apologise to any of our fans or friends who were looking forward to checking us out and we can only promise that we will be back again in the future! We also apologise to our friends at The Grifter and wish 'em all the best for tonight. Thanks for your understanding guys! Bloody legends.

Anyway you bastards should all show up anyway and support local made produce. Fuck corporations and fuck imperialist globalised liquor brands...even if they are cheap and intoxicating...get a Grifter up ya!

See you another time Sydney!

Lord Barbarian Meditator

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Scrapes be Griftin'

Hello you bastards...

Soooo in the sehr nehr futuhr we Scrapes will arrive in Sydney...Wednesday to be precise, the day of Woden...to play at the launch of some fine beer locally made by some guys we don't know with some guys we do know...yep. The beer is THE GRIFTER and it is allegedly a fine brew (I don't know I haven't tasted it but I believe the Ryza has). This ain't no corporate shit, this is locally made DIY beer of the finest quality and we wouldn't back it otherwise. Beer is an highly important intoxicant for we Scrapes being Australia males and all...anyway enough shit from me your Barbarian Meditator, here be the details and the poster:

24 October
The Little Guy, 87 Glebe Point Rd, Sydney, Australia
6pm til Woden knows when.
It appears to be free too.
There are no limitations placed on we Scrapes so it will be a long set or a few sets including all our classic no.1 hits, free improv madness and Rallizes Denudes-inspired ear ringing plod-alongs...don't miss this shit man.

And we ain't kidding...unless someone pays me thousands of dollars to come home from Africa we will not be playing in Sydney again for quite some time so get on in and get on off....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

ZZZ Rusted Compilation...Hearing Voices

Another compilation for all of you bastards. Aired last week on 4ZZZ FM Rusted Satellites here in Brisbane and now made into a neat little RAR for you to download free of charge.

Suggested track listing:

1. Baaba Maal - Hommage a Gue'Laye
2. Ewan MacColl - The Four Loom Weaver
3. J.B. Smith - I Got too Much Time for the Crime I done
4. Ulver - A Capella (Sielens Sang)
5. Phurpa - Fundamental Mantra of Bon
6. Brigitte Fontaine et Areski - Nous Avons Tant Parle


ReStrung Festival 26-28 October 2012

ReStrung is an extraordinary festival of new music occurring at Brisbane's Powerhouse from 26 October - 28 October 2012. For details and tickets go HERE
Many events are free, including we Scrapes on 27 October, the Turbine Platform, 9:30pm. Not to be missed!

Black Metal Isolation...

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

BARI Festival this Friday....

Dear Scrapers,

This Friday we Scrapes shall be installing ourselves in an installation...a light installation for that matter...at BARI (Brisbane Artist Run Initiatives) Festival, 5 October, the Judith Wright Centre for Contemporary Arts, Brunswick st, Fortitude Valley. We'll be in the shopfront and it's free. 8-10pm with Scraping at 9pm. This will be essentially a blind date between us Scrapes and the strange flashing light beast created by Ketpis. Don't miss this shit...Presented by Small Lakes.