Tuesday, July 17, 2012

ZZZ Rusted Compilation 1: Delay or DIE!!!

So as some of those of you who listen to Brisbane's excellent 4ZZZ FM - or read The Scrapes facebook - know, I (Adam) have recently been made an honorary occasional-whenthetimecallsforit-whenAdrianneedscompany-co-host of Rusted Satellites, the brilliant ambient etc. programme that airs 8pm - 10pm AEST, Sundays.

My first appearance was this previous Sunday the 15th and what a show it was! Actually I was quite hungover and didn't have a great deal to say...but I did get to present for the most part my 30 min special - a declaration of love for delay-soaked music - "Delay or DIE!!!". One can download the whole playlist of the show at the ZZZ website I believe; http://www.4zzzfm.org.au/ or at least stream it or something. And you can stream the show as it goes to air from this site anywhere in the world at the appropriate time as your own timezone denotes something something....

But but BUT...you can now download the whole fucking 30 mins of MY special right here as a .rar file. With artwork I "exclusively" found doing a google image search and a line-up of mind-manifesting madness...you can't afford to not download this shit. It will cleanse your synapses, free your mind, and if you're in luck, your arse will follow.

I will be putting up every one of my 30 min specials as they come as downloads here at Planet of the Scrapes so be sure to check in irregularly....

Here is Rusted Compilation 1....

1. Scientist & Jammy - 'The Death of Mr. Spock' from Scientist & Jammy Strike Back

2. Taj Mahal Travellers - 3rd track from July 15, 1972

3. A.R. & Machines - 'Beautiful Babylon' from Der Grune Reise, 1970

4. Omar Souleyman - 'Eih Min Elemkom' from 'Al Jazeera Nights'

5. Les Rallizes Denudes - 'White Awakening' from Cable Hogue Soundtrack

(If your download is not in this order then switch it around in your player as the order is goddamn integral to the desired effect and fucked if I know how to make that stuff work properly!)

Delay or DIE!!!!!

Friday, July 6, 2012


Planet of the Scrapes news you bastards!

Upcoming gigs: 14 July, 11 August, 25 August, 1st September, 28th October and more TBA! Head over to the Gigs section for more details. All happening in Brisbane but there may be a Sydney date or two to announce soon...

In further news the ALL NEW PLANET OF THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP STORE is now open so head on over to find samples and links to purchase Scrapes and Adam Cadell solo albums. Keep an eye on that fucker as more is to be added very soon.

AND and and and we shall be restocking our vinyl at Jet Black Cat Records in West End for any of you Brisbane freaker outerers who bother to read this blog and don't have a copy of Kali Yuga Sunrise on vinyl yet. Seriously it will run out soon and we have no plans to make any more yet so it may be your one and only chance. This restocking will occur literally in about 2 hours. We may have other Jet Black Cat news to announce soon!

Also the vinyl is restocked at Rocking Horse Records as well so Brisbane scum never fear we worship at your altar and have made further offerings.

AND last but definitely not fucking least we Scrapes are working on a soundtrack for a new short film to be out later this year...more on this as it unfurls....

See you all at the gigs,

Der Scrapen