Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Mother North

Norwegian Black (and Viking) Metal was an incredible eye-opener. A gateway into a new world of sound. This music should be heralded as the birth of whole new musical languages and techniques. The guitarwerk of Euronymous, for instance, is highly underrated as an innovation in guitar-playing and indeed an innovation in tonality within the Metal genre. Black Metal is truly, at its best, a genre that transcends definition within the commercial realms of genre/style/market and other sickening bullshit. It is also a massive influence on elements of the Scrapes sound...mostly from Adam's end. Black Metal blew Adam's mind many years ago and it should blow yours too....

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fuck the LNP Part 3...

Something to think about.....This sort of thing happened under the LNP last time Queenslanders...Sir Joh funded nazi action? Maybe, maybe not. Funny then that today marks a massive Neo-Nazi celebration and gig somewhere here in Brisbane....who's in charge again?



Thursday, April 19, 2012

Vinyl available in store!!!

Dear Scrapers,

Copies of the CD version of Kali Yuga Sunrise are selling out fast from the Planet of the Scrapes store but are available all over the place via All Is Number in super limited quantities.

Copies of the vinyl version are still around too in various stores and here at the Planet of the Scrapes store. Buy now or die!... Without ever having owned a copy....even if you don't have a vinyl player the beast comes with beautiful artwork and photos AND a download card so you can get the album in glorious lossless Mp3 format and mount the rest of it on your wall or use it as a huge drink coaster or centrepiece for your coffee table or some bourgeois shit like that...just buy it...

CDs may run again but vinyls may be a one off so get in there! If you're all futury and stuff just download it from a million different retailers like iTunes and so on.

Our first album Electric Mourning Blues is also still available in incredibly limited numbers of CDs and online from various retailers and of course the wonderful All Is Number Records.

Go on then....

Fuck the LNP Part 2...