Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big in Ghanaaaa

So motherfuckers. It's been a little while between posts but that's not because we don't love you...we just don't know you.
The Barbarian Meditator, aka The Doctor, aka Dr Kwabena, has been settling in to his new home of Accra, Ghana and interrogating local Nigerians and local locals about what's hip and what's not in the world of West African music. The biggest thing around at the moment is a mostly shit Nigerian band called PSquare and their infinitely irritating "Chop My Money" (which essentially means "give my money away like it means nothing"). Capitalism's effect on the 3rd world is, not surprisingly, UNfunny. Some PSquare is kind of dark and interesting though but it's mostly poppy and irritating. The Doctor is not pleased.
I am essentially on a quest to find the most fucked up music in West Africa and I will find it. Let you all know when the Barbarian Meditator hits no 1 on the Ghanaian charts.
End transmission.
Chop my fucking money