Monday, January 11, 2016

Adam Cadell Solo Tape Launch 17 JAN

17 Jan 2016

Street Music Vol. 1

Tape Launch

Supported by The Steady as She Goes

AT The Junk Bar, Ashgrove, Brisbane.

Tickets $10


Join Adam Cadell of local instrumentals duo The Scrapes, for an evening of broken-down fiddling tales, recently aired to audiences in New York and Helsinki. Cadell's forthcoming album "Street Music Vol. 1" continues with his dissident approach to the fiddle, but moves away from past electric drone-based works and into a regressive world of of fiddle-based storytelling, constructed from fragments of songs uncovered through ramblings with hillbillies and nomads in the US and Senegal. His 9th solo outing to date, Street Music Vol. 1 will be released as a limited edition set of hand-crafted cassettes by US label Cabin Floor Esoterica. The launch will be opened by the dark balladry of The Steady As She Goes.