Friday, November 5, 2010

Cockatoo Island

SOUND TRAVELLERS, CERES SOLUTIONS, AUS CO and others present a series of gigs on Sydney's Cockatoo Island. One of them features THE SCRAPES 20 November to be precise. It's free and stuff and it's well worth checking out!

Enjoy the unique beauty of Sydney harbour from the moment you jump on board the ferry to capture the sights and sounds of Cockatoo Calling. Once on the island you can hear some of the country’s finest musicians perform in an informal outdoor setting with a harbour backdrop. Listen to the mellow sounds, mixed up with some jazz, reggae infused grooves or beats from Bobby Singh, master tabla player or soaring soundscapes that take you on your own personal voyage.

20 November
Kristin Berardi and
James Sherlock
“Kristin is a true musician in every sense of
the word and for that reason I believe she is
one of our finest singers and is destined for
great things.” Katie Noonan (george, elixir).
Kristin is accompanied by award winning
guitarist James Sherlock.

The Scrapes
"hugely enjoyable, highly original AND psychically useful is the music of Australian duo The Scrapes, whose fiery epic guitar and abandoned Mithraic fiddle pieces evoke images of lost Keltic lands inundated by the oceans. Ryan Potter electric guitar & other, Adam Cadell electric violin and other.

27 November
The Vampires
Jazz-reggae band The Vampires are quickly
becoming an icon on the Australian jazz
scene with their unique blend of soulful jazz,
old-school reggae and South American
music. Guest artist Shannon Barnett

13 November
The Java Quartet with
guest artist Bobby
Singh on tabla
“Mostly, though, the Java Quartet inhabits its
own space, unlike that of any other
aggregation, in Australia or anywhere else -
supremely melodic, full of taut, yet limpid,
grooves and packed with soul”.

4 December
A dizzying array of musical mastery as multi
instrumentalist Hinterlandt produces rock
riffs, feedback-induced dub parts, ambient
sounds, electronic beats, or melancholy
vocal lines in pop song arrangements.
My Goodness
This is not your average jazz band, while the
group is clearly founded in the jazz tradition,
their eclectic choice of material is a more
honest reflection of today’s cultural coffee

The important details
Where: Cockatoo Island, Memorial Park.
When: From 5 to 7pm on each Saturday leaving you plenty of time to catch the last ferry back to the mainland or stay overnight
Family Friendly: the performances will take place outdoors, so stake out your own
space on the grass.
Weather: If it is rainy we will perform at an indoor venue. Information will be available at
the Muster Station Visitor Centre.
Admission: Free
Easy access - Check the latest ferry timetable. Ferries depart from Circular Quay on the
Parramatta River and Balmain/Woolwich services
For more information on our our support for creative arts projects visit

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


INFLIGHT Gallery and rosalux, Berlin presents:

Sara & André at INFLIGHT

Opening: 6:00pm Friday, October 29, 2010

Exhibition runs: October 30 – November 20

Sara & André is a collective formed by two artists. Their ironic and hybrid work is very much influenced by conceptual art, reflections on the art system, the star system (Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga) and aesthetic partnerships of 'togetherness' (from The Carpenters to Gilbert & George). They are interested in the questioning of authorship and originality. Their work reflects the 'skipping of steps', reaching directly to the stage of recognition, as in the video series "Claim to Fame" where they are followed by a flock of paparazzi.

The exhibition Sara & André at INFLIGHT will comprise of documentation of series produced between 2005 until the present and previously shown on several occasions across Europe. This survey format will present a narrative of the collective’s coherent practice, in its first presentation to Australian audiences.

Sara & André at INFLIGHT is part of INFLIGHT’s International Exchange Program, which aims to establish a network between Tasmanian and European artist run initiatives.

rosalux: This non-for-profit initiative is named after the Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz, an urban interface between two creative districts of Berlin: Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg.

rosalux exhibits works of conceptual and performance artists who have not had the opportunity to present themselves in Berlin so far and projects rarely seen in commercial galleries. It is the primary goal of rosalux to work in a concrete manner, thus questioning the conventions of the art market and also individual artistic practice. It is the aim of the exhibition projects to initiate a process of reflection and an open dialogue with the artists and the public.

INFLIGHT would also like to announce that very special guests The Scrapes from Brisbane will be performing at the opening of this exhibition at around 7:00pm

The Scrapes at Inflight

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mick Turner + us....28 October...

We shall be playing a gig with Mick Turner (Dirty Three, Bonnie Prince Billy, Cat Power etc.) on the 28th October at Bar Open in Fitzroy, Melbourne, Australia. Free entry.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

October Actions...!

The Scrapes Late 2010 Tour
Brought to you in part by Sound Travellers, an Initiative of the Australia Council of the Arts.

07 October - The Old Bar, Fitzroy, Melbourne + Margins & North Atlantic Sky Band $8
10 October - The Builder's Arms, Fitzroy, Melbourne + Caught Ship $10 or maybe $5
14 October - X & Y Bar, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane + Psy Ants
16 October - instore, Mr. V Music, Adelaide
16 October - FeltSpace, Adelaide
28 October - Bar Open, Fitzroy, Melbourne + TBA
29 October - InFlight, Hobart

That's all the tour dates for now...perhaps more to announce soon!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Scrapes tour once more...

The Scrapes shall be on the road again in October for a tour of various southern cities in Australia. Hobart and Melbourne are definitely on the menu...more updates as time unfolds.

Adam's Listening for the back end of 2010:

Cadaverous Condition - Songs for the Crooked Path...just listen to it and read about it at

Riharc Smiles - Last Green Days of Summer...the end is nigh

Obliteration - Nekropsalms...the fuss is justified fellow metal is indeed Death Metal that doesn't suck.

Darkthrone - Circle the Wagons...if you haven't heard this yet then you're missing out.

WE WILL BE RECORDING OUR NEW ALBUM THIS WEEKEND in a dirty old warehouse somewhere...look out...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moon Far Away

Truly beautiful Russian group...

Also we Scrapes are playing X & Y tonight! Brisbane's fortitude valley....8pmish...details on the myspace and facebook pages!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Terrascope rumble about Electric Mourning Blues! have kindly said a word about the album in their Rumble for it is:

"Out of Brisbane, Australia, comes The Scrapes, a duo consisting of violin player Adam Cadell and guitarist Ryan Potter. Having released a highly acclaimed home-made CDR, ‘Electric Mourning Blues’ they’ve now converted it into a proper release on Joy. The instrumental music presented is dronish and psychedelic, sometimes with repetitive patterns, either slightly amplified, or with the amplifier turned to eleven, distorting the instruments into fields of Sunn O))). The inspiration is said to be artists like Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass and La Monte Young, as well as Tony Conrad and Spacemen 3. Listening to this music I would go for the electric ones. Even though presented by only two players their music is really rich of impressions and moods. About and hour of music split into nine magnificent pieces. Most of the time I just lean back, full of trust for this powerful chamber music extravaganza, and enjoy every moments of it. Where to find it? A lot of places, but to make it easy you can use one of my own favourites:"

- Stefan Ek,

Friday, July 2, 2010

The ArchDrude SPEAKS AGAIN!!!

Julian Cope has once again reviewed our work with a fantastic review of Electric Mourning Blues in his July Drudion!

Here it be:

"Next, the Scrapes are back with another fucking downer delight to suit your every suicide. Just one year after reviewing their self-titled debut album (see Drudion June 2009CE), violinist Adam Cadell and guitarist Ryan Potter have returned with nine brand new meditations for our delectation; nine ripe-to-the-point of overcast medications for e. guitar & violin, all collected together under the name of ELECTRIC MOURNING BLUES, stuff to drench the listeners’ synapses with a veritable virus of sadness and doom weepage. Far better than last year’s excellent debut, ELECTRIC MOURNING BLUES still sounds like Overhang Party playing the downer bits of the Doctors of Madness, but even more so. And that’s a fucking Useful thing to be hefting our way. Thanks may be sent to these druids at (, and score your own copy of this suck-u-lent work for the excellent artwork also."

Thanks Julian you're a fucking legend! All I can say to you three or so readers is this...listen to Cope's L.A.M.F 'Ambient Metal' album and do yourselves a favour!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Chinese review of Electric Mourning Blues on othermusick website!

来自澳洲的post-shoegazer 二人组合The Scrapes
的首张大碟是笔者近期听过的众多作品中最值得向大家介绍一下。 The Scrapes 由Adam Cadell和Ryan Potter组成。Adam负责小提琴而Ryan则是结他手兼演奏一种名为”Diddley Bo”的自制乐器度一种类似中国二胡的乐器,能营造出背景层次垫底效果)。Adan的小提琴在每一首曲目中来回穿插,由哀愁的intro至中段的紧迫气氛 节奏营造,配合着Ryan的变种蓝调电结他演奏,犹如电影配乐般带领听众进入一个如CD封面所描绘的冷酷异色境象。值得一提的是在聆听第四首曲 目<>时笔者似曾相识地误以为是往昔Godspeed You Black Emperor的作品。由此可领略Adam和Ryan二人的功架能够营造出如Godspeed这队恐龙级班霸的慑人 post-rock full band 效果!

You can also buy the damn thing at their site or in their shop if you live in Hong Kong. Cheers Calvin!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

You can now buy Electric Mourning Blues from us through Paypal

Yes that's right you can indeed......look over your right....under where it says "About Me".....yeah under that can just click on that button under the album cover and we'll mail it you....

Friday, May 21, 2010

May listening list for Adam...thus far....

Been listening to a lot of music of late: Top - Fenriz's new compilation..epic metal...check it out here FREE DOWNLOAD! Next: Sol Invictus - Trees in Winter...perfect for this time of year if you're in the southern hemisphere...which funnily enough I am! Under those is a Morne EP that is fuckin awesome...go and look at Darkthrone's album of the month if you want to hear about how awesome they are...they've been namedropped on the cover of the new Darkthrone album too for that matter. Next one down is Le Stelle Di Mario Schiffano...awesome Italian record from the 60s very VU. Next is another Italian classic Franco Battiato's Fetus...very weird indeed! Below them is awesome sloppy NWOBHM by Fist..early 80s...dole cheques, drinking and dirty fun. Under that is the absolutely brilliant Braun Buch Zwei by Death in June...just listen to it ok. And below here is a great EP by Agalloch...fantastic forest music.

Also been really diggin Billy Bragg & Wilco - Mermaid Avenue Vol. 2...can't recommend it enough!

That is all....

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tony Conrad rules....

Until the Light Takes Us

The best film I've seen on Norwegian Black Metal. Lots of great footage and interviews with Fenriz in particular that are great. The film has a great feel to it and it's been filmed beautifully. Check it out where you can!

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Scrapes April tour is over look out for new shows in the future!

Antarctic Beach. Recorded by Sound Travellers. Live The Cad Factory, Sydney 18/4

Before There's Nothing Left. Recorded by Sound Travellers. Live The Cad Factory, Sydney 18/4

New song, untitled at this time. Live The Troubadour, Brisbane 21/4. Posted by

Thanks to all who came to these shows and to those who filmed these great videos! More to come soon.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Scrapes praise for the Troub show on Wednesday night and Electric Mourning Blues!

"Last night I saw The Scrapes at The Troubadour and my head is still buzzing with their ‘doom sexy’ guitar and violin soundscapes. Their debut album ‘Electric Mourning Blues’ provided the perfect musical backdrop for my travels around Brisbane’s northside today. Closer, ‘Antarctic Beach’ had me reaching for the repeat button… This album after just a few listens would definitely make my Songs To Write To List. The Scrapes will definitely put some poetry in your pencil!"

And more from Mr. Nunn here!

"The Scrapes are a relatively new Brisbane band, who have recently released their debut album Electric Mourning Blues. The duo blend feedback drenched guitar with searing violing lines. Of course there are going to be Dirty Three references, but there sounds also channel the western feel of Ennio Morricone. This is a clip of them jamming live in Alchemix studios in Brisbane, so if it takes you somwehere and you are near enough to Brisbane this Wednesday night (April 21), you can catch the band at The Troubadour launching their album and tickets are just a $10′er."

Cheers mate!

JJJ Home and Hosed dig The Scrapes!

"The Scrapes share their name with a violent crust band I saw at a high school fete once. Conveniently it seems that the world is big enough for two Scrapes', and this non-violent-crust version are a duo, from Brisbane.

Using the guitar-versus-violin approach, Adam Cadell and Ryan Potter compose apocalyptic soundscapes, that linger and reverberate through dark gig spaces, and haunt hifi systems. Think feedback/scratches/pedals. Cadell's careful, but hauntingly intense violin melodies dwell in the minors, and dance around Potter's crunchy fretwork.

The emotional command that these musicians have over their instruments is evident in their all-instrumental debut - Electric Mourning Blues - which they are touring with right now. And what an appropriate and evocative title it is! They're going all over the place and playing various unconventional spaces - which could make for some pretty special and reverential gig-going."

Steph Hughes, JJJ.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Norman Records review of Electric Mourning Blues!

"The Scrapes are the Australian duo of violinist Adam Cadell and guitarist Ryan Potter whose early releases were championed by rock subversive and music journalist Julian Cope thus bringing them a little boost in attention and acclaim. The Scrapes' music hints at hybrid of influences that include folk, underground rock, drone and the many forms of landscape inspired music. 'Electric Mourning Blues' has a haunting quality that evokes landscapes, weather patterns and the cycles of nature but this ain't no hippy music. The violins are abrasive, see-saw attacks on the senses and Ryan Potter's guitars are rich and powerful in a David Grubbs kinda way which, when combined, makes for a harsh re-imagining of the traditions of western classical music. Challenging stuff."

The Business Lady,

Buy the record here:

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Another Electric Mourning Blues review!

Rave Magazine, Brisbane, Issue 953, April 2010.

"Brisbane-based duo The Scrapes are Adam Cadell and
Ryan Potter, the former on violin and the latter on guitar.
Electric Mourning Blues is their entirely instrumental debut
and it’s got a lot going for it. Comparisons with Dirty
Three are impossible to avoid and from aesthetics to
structure, they have clearly been very infl uential on The
Scrapes. Cadell’s violin is the driving force of the music and
his ability to tap into the instrument’s emotional range is
impressive. The use of guitar is where The Scrapes most
signifi cantly diverge from Dirty Three. It wraps and moves
around the violin, intent on carving its mark into each track
as opposed to serving a backbone role. The use of feedback
and noise is very eff ective, giving the record a rather
sinister undertone, most especially in Antarctic Beach and
Drivetime. Percussion is rarely heard, making the structure
of some tracks a little harder to discern, but it also allows
them to fl ow more freely. It’s very clear that both men are
talented musicians. Electric Mourning Blues is often beautiful,
sometimes dissonant, but always evocative."

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Electric Mourning Blues reviewed on Cheers Warwick!

Electric Mourning Blues by The Scrapes

Saturday 20 March 2010
Reviewed by Warwick Smith

If you are an enthusiast of the following, duos, strings, sulking guitar, the crescendo and a connection between music and landscape then you will enjoy the new album Electric Mourning Blues from Brisvegas boys The Scrapes.

The album tour is presented by Sound Travellers, a grant body that sends rather tasty music on a journey across the country, and is stopping in at our lovely lounge room The Front Gallery in April.

The album jangles and scrapes us into works that are wedged somewhere between abrasive and beautiful. Telling elements of perhaps pain, mysteriy and that beautiful thing called sacrifice, if not intentional I picked up on the vibe.

The title track of the album is gold and without seeing it performed live it stands on its own as a recording. The rumbling of a threatening hum and pulse behind epic and emotional violin accompanied by slight instrumental feedback and deep distortion sends you into a contemplative mind set.

The rest of the album is hot in the dark shade, with clean guitar which peaks into natural distortion over a violin that moves up and down like your looping through the hills and down into the valleys, somewhere out in the haunting country side.

Do yourself a favour and come along to the album launch at The Front Gallery Friday 16 April 2010 to see these guys play the tracks and pick up a copy of the album. In support will be JW Sparrow, who's weeping guitar will fit nicely along side the duo of The Scrapes.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Electric Mourning Blues

Hello sports fans...

The album you've been waiting for is here. Currently one can purchase it from us personally at one of our gigs for $15 (that's AUD for those of you who are wondering). If you want to order a copy of it at this stage then send us an email to:

And we'll get round to sorting out your order for you. The album will also be stocked in certain English record stores including Rough Trade and Second Layer in London so for those of you in the UK you'll be able to pick it up from those stores in the coming months.

We're aiming for an April/May release and we will be having our launch at the Troubadour in Brisbane's horrifying Fortitude Valley on the 21st of April where we'll be joined by our good friends Sky Needle and Heart Flew Like an Arrow (
Also you can read up a little about us on the Troub website

We'll keep you posted as release details are unfurled....

While you're here go to and download the new Fenriz Trapped Under Vice mix tape as it is fucking awesome!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rave Mag interview March 2010...Launch will actually now be with Heart Flew Like an Arrow NOT Muir...

The Scrapes PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 02 March 2010

ImageMORGAN JOHNSON catches up with local purveyors of ‘doom sexy’, THE SCRAPES, as they play a precursor to their April launch.

Violinist Adam Cadell and guitarist Ryan Potter comprise elegantly cinematic noise group The Scrapes. But don’t worry – it’s not all a controlled experiment – they can still descend to make a delightful racket as well.

MORGAN JOHNSON: Arguably Australia’s most featured violinists would be the ACO’s Richard Tognetti and Dirty Three/Bad Seed Warren Ellis. How have they informed your work?

ADAM CADELL: I think it’s safe to say that both of those violinists have informed my side of things in some way shape or form. I’m a classically-trained violinist and it’s basically impossible to be a classical violinist in Australia and not somehow admire Richard Tognetti’s work ... I personally really like his interpretations of the solo Bach violin sonatas and partitas and I sure as hell wouldn’t say no to a job in the ACO! [laughs]. As for Warren Ellis, his work has definitely informed our work to a degree ... particularly the Dirty Three of course. I mean basically he’s the coolest violinist on Earth so how could he not! Whether what we do is comparable to either of their work is up to the listener really ... I think we have something that is really unique in most ways.

MJ: As a duo, do you find you have a musical telepathy that enables you to read and interpret each other when creating new tunes?

AC: Well we definitely work well together and we come up with material quite spontaneously. I think when playing live we really feed off each other and since improvisation is such a huge part of how we work, some really special things can happen. We’re definitely two guys who musically see eye-to-eye on a fairly deep level. But it’s not something we’re consciously aware of exactly.

Ryan Potter: Writing new songs is always easy. Normally someone plays an idea and the other will figure out their part pretty quickly. Then we will improvise and play around with different movements and eventually put it into a structure. Remembering and reproducing the way we play a song is the hard part, the first performances of new songs always seem to go well.

THE SCRAPES play Ric’s on Wednesday Mar 10 with Cured Pink, then launch their LP at The Troubadour on Wednesday Apr 21 with Sky Needle & Muir. Tickets will be $10.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Adam's current playlist....guilty thrashing pleasures...

Ha ha ha Scandinavian Metal Attack....classic Swedish compilation from the 80s...great Bathory tracks and the rest is just hilarious...but hey it's got soul!

Creature Discomforts is an album by Ryan Potter and Miles...something or other...go to Reilly Smethurst's blog (listed up to your right there) for a free download! It's well worth your while!

Above: Crisis were Death in June before they were Death in June...I love DIJ a lot and Crisis is fucking brilliant as well....thanks to BlackNoise and BastardSounds blog for posting this rare little single
Nocturnal fucking rip....that is all...great modern German 80s revivalist Thrash Metal!

Above here we have Les Rallizes Denudes or Hadaka No Rallizes....the greatest Japanese band of the psychedelic 60s in my opinion...true revolutionary music in every way! This compilation "Flightless Bird Needs Water Wings" that I ordered from the ever amazing Head Heritage store really shows the beautiful noise these motherfuckers make. So go to and buy it yourselves ya bastards ya!


Tour dates and new poster for the tour!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Next Scrapes appearence!

We Scrapes shall be performing in Brisbane on the 10th of March at Ric's Bar in the Valley this time with our good friends Cured Pink.

Come and check out some beautiful noise. 7pm or so. Free.
Above poster by Adam Rodgers.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


A 1964 Ukrainian film depicting beautiful scenes of 19th century peasant life in some highland region of the Carpathians/Ukraine...stunning scenery, beautiful music and a thoroughly tragic storyline. Much of the music and dark imagery is the sort of thing we Scrapes feed off! Enjoy! Cheers to for posting this piece of true genius!

Currently listening to...

Adam thinks the whole 3 of you who probably occassionally read this blog...if you in fact exist...should listen to these albums as they are awesome. Oum is brilliant Egyptian music that's great for blasting in your busted up piece-of-crap-hatch-back and you can find her stuff at Awesome Tapes From Africa linked to your right there...The Nation of Ulysses is brilliant, inventive hardcore from the brilliant Ian Svenonius and friends...Sugar Cane is the original dirty fiddler and you've gots to check him out...and the master Pandit Pran Nath...not much I can say about him accept do yourselves a favour and goddamn listen to him!