Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Songs of Baron Samedi unleashed early 2015!

Greetings all,

So the announcements you've all been waiting least the minor versions anyway...many more details to come.

From our new friends CONQUEST OF NOISE records:

I've been sitting on this album for quiet sometime now and very proud to announce that THE SCRAPES third album "The Songs Of Baron Samedi" will be released on Conquest Of Noise Records next Autumn 2015. It's dark, haunting soundscapes will put you into a trance or in a scene of a disturbingly beautiful movie. People have compared them to "The Dirty Three". Personally the only thing I see in common is the use of the violin. One comparison that came to mind though was "The Necks". If you've seen the Australian movie "The Boys" you'll know what I'm talking about. Live they drag you to another place thats hard to leave. They're probably the most unique band in Australia. They have raised their own personal bar with "The Songs Of Baron Samedi".

That's right the new album "The Songs of Baron Samedi" will receive a vinyl release from local Brisbane label Conquest of Noise in the first half of 2015. It promises to be very special indeed.

"The Songs of Baron Samedi" will also be unleashed on our Northern Hemisphere fiends in Cassette Tape form through the brilliant SOFT ABUSE records early in 2015.

Both of these releases will have some distinct you should buy them both.

Much much more on this soon.

Until then. Enjoy the Yule festivities or whatever it may be you celebrate/commiserate. You'll be hearing from us...

Adam und Ryan
Das Scrapes

Thursday, December 11, 2014

L'Ex Ethiopiques

Great video.

Don't forget 2 gigs this weekend, and our final aktionen for the year.

13 Dec, The Scratch Bar, Park Rd, Milton, Brisbane, Australie. FREE. Come all damn night. We're on at 8pm and play for about 90mins. This is the big one. Don't miss it. Yule rite for the thunder Gods.

14 Dec, The New Globe Theatre, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Australie. $10, 5pm. We're on first.

See you soon or not at all.

Announcements on the release of our new album The Songs of Baron Samedi coming very fucking soon. Listen to samples HERE

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Scratch 13 December

Hello there fiends,

Here upon thy mantle I place a new poster and a reminder.

GIG 13 December, The Scrapes at the Scratch
8pm - 9:30pm
Out the back of Scratch Bar
8/1 Park Rd, Milton, Brisbane, Australia

Don't miss it...just don't. It's FREE for fuck's sake.

The following night we will also play at the Globe Theatre for a Viola Cloning Project event. EVENT PAGE HERE.

There will be announcements very soon with regards to the new Scrapes album The Songs of Baron Samedi. Just sit there with baited breath til we get back to ya.