TRANSMISSION.....The Scrapes shall be performing The Songs of Baron Samedi Melbourne Release Ritual finally.

Presented in conspiracy with NeuMusak...
15 JAN
The Scrapes/Andrew McCubbin & Mel Pritchard/Justin Cusack
The Last Chance Rock n' Roll Bar
North Melbourne


We will also be recording new music in the days leading up to the ritual.


TONIGHT! The Bearded Lady, 8PM, $10 on the door, Glam Fail up first, then Primitive Motion, then The Scrapes. Conquest of Noise will be there selling vinyl. See you there.  



28/12 @ The Bearded Lady, West End, Brisbane, with Primitive Motion and Glam Fail
Doors: 8PM
Tickets: $10 (available at door)

JANUARY 2017 GIG in southern regions to be announced very soon.



We Scrapes shall be doing some rare performances in Hobart for the MONA Dark MOFO festival this year. We'll be involved in the Winterfeast segment of the festival, 2 sets per night, 17, 18, 19 June, 4pm and 6pm ish...something like that...Book End Stage. See "Gigs" page on this site for links and more info.

This is not to be missed for you diehard Scrapers as due to geographical challenges we Scrapes remain a rare live event these days.

See you in Van Diemans Land.




We Scrapes are proud to announce that we will be doing a weekend of wild cat actions on the 8th and 9th August. More info soon but rundown is:


9 AUGUST - THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI RADIO BALLAD, The Scrapes hijack the 4ZZZ studio for a full 2hours 6-8PM. 4ZZZ 102.1FM Brisbane OR ONLINE & ON DEMAND. We're gonna hog-tie Adrian and Kurt at Rusted Satellites and force feed them beer while we take you on a journey through the new album and treat you to a live performance, live to air, with some friends..hopefully. Let ANARCHY abound.





The Scrapes THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI is now up for PRE-ORDER in cassette form at


Don't hesitate....just get in there and order before they run out. These will be in your hot little hands in August.

Sadly due to delays at the record plant the vinyl version of THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI is still underway but it can still be pre-ordered at CONQUEST OF NOISE records. Don't be foolish...pre-order now or forever hold your peace...

Get iiiit.




Thanks to all who came to the People's Republic of Australasia in Sydney on Sunday evening. Was a fantastic night and included a little impromptu collaboration between The Scrapes and Tony Irving as well. Special night. Will have some documentation to hand of it all soon enough.

The biggest news on our planet is this....CONQUEST OF NOISE are proud to announce that The Scrapes new album The Songs of Baron Samedi is now up for pre-order in two formats:



Looks like pre-orderers also get a digital version of the album in 24 hours after ordering so get in there.

Soft Abuse records also tell us that the tape version of the album will be coming soon too....more on that soon.

We also have a new gig announcement or two to make AND we will be performing an instore with visiting Taiwanese ritual droners Scattered Purgatory at Rocking Horse Records, Albert st, Brisbane on Saturday 23 May in the afternoon.


Will be playing with our old friend Jackson Reid Briggs in June as well....but there will be more announcements on the live front very shortly mark our words.

Here's some more samples from the new album:


FYI 17 May Sydney aktion:

A Special Transmission from the People's Republic of Australasia
They’ve been with us 3 times before, but it’s nearly 4 years since we last saw them.
They finally have a new record about to be released,
and they’re coming to Sydney for this special one-off event with a very special guest...
If you haven’t seen this wonderful duo before, don’t miss this.

On Sunday May 17th at 7 p.m. (doors at 6.30)


Please get in touch at: p l a n e t o f t h e s c r a p e s @ g m a i l . c o m
for further information.


NEWSFLASH! 2 May gig at THE TRIFFID, Newstead, Brisbane. TRIFFID PSYCHED! The Baskervillains + In Caves + The Scrapes. $12 pre/$15 on door. 7:30pm. Be there. Details in Gigs and Ramblings sections of this site.


Please note that the scheduled 23 April gig at The Foundry in Brisbane is no longer happening. Karl S. Williams will still be playing elsewhere but it won't be with us. This has occurred due to unfortunate issues with the opening of The Foundry and is totally out of the control of The Scrapes, Karl or his management.

In other news The Scrapes shall be performing in Sydney at the People's Republic of Australasia on 17 May. Line-up will be an Anarchic mix of Scrapes, Adam Cadell solo performances, Tony Irving solo and collaborating along with Adam as per their 2014 release on Duskdarter...that kinda thing. And who knows maybe Ryan will sing a couple of his incredible songs while we're at it. People's Republic gigs are a private affair so if you wish to come please email and we'll get back to you with details on how you can contact The Republic.

Be there or be irrefutably, undeniably tarnished with the adjectival use of the word SQUARE.

THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI is of course out soon....keep on the edge of those seats...


Latest news on THE SONGS OF BARON SAMEDI album release.

The cassette and digital (US territories) release through SOFT ABUSE records is due for release 28 April. More on this soon.

The vinyl edition which will be released through CONQUEST OF NOISE records is due for release soon in an edition 100 limited coloured and 400 black 180g vinyl.

More details shortly. In the meantime head over to THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP to get nearly every conceivable previous Scrapes recording including the never-before-properly-released selt-titled CDR of 2009 and PRISON HALL with new exclusive art by Reuben A. Warburton.

End. Transmission.


Greetings all,

So the announcements you've all been waiting least the minor versions anyway...many more details to come.

From our new friends CONQUEST OF NOISE records:

I've been sitting on this album for quiet sometime now and very proud to announce that THE SCRAPES third album "The Songs Of Baron Samedi" will be released on Conquest Of Noise Records next Autumn 2015. It's dark, haunting soundscapes will put you into a trance or in a scene of a disturbingly beautiful movie. People have compared them to "The Dirty Three". Personally the only thing I see in common is the use of the violin. One comparison that came to mind though was "The Necks". If you've seen the Australian movie "The Boys" you'll know what I'm talking about. Live they drag you to another place thats hard to leave. They're probably the most unique band in Australia. They have raised their own personal bar with "The Songs Of Baron Samedi".

That's right the new album "The Songs of Baron Samedi" will receive a vinyl release from local Brisbane label Conquest of Noise in the first half of 2015. It promises to be very special indeed.

"The Songs of Baron Samedi" will also be unleashed on our Northern Hemisphere fiends in Cassette Tape form through the brilliant SOFT ABUSE records early in 2015.

Both of these releases will have some distinct you should buy them both.

Much much more on this soon.

Until then. Enjoy the Yule festivities or whatever it may be you celebrate/commiserate. You'll be hearing from us...

Adam und Ryan
Das Scrapes


Venue change for this one as has been updated for you all in Ramblings and Gigs sections on this site. Now at another space in Bowen Hills. See HERE for details.


We regret to announce that the previously advertised support slot for Dune Rats album launch on 28 June has been cancelled. The Scrapes will no longer be performing at this event. Due to an unfortunate, if honest, mistake on behalf of the booker, we are no longer on the bill. This is entirely out of our control and we apologise to any comrades who may have pre-purchased tickets. We at this stage have no idea how you would redeem the ticket cost (if you want to, we're sure the other bands would be great to see!) as it is not in our control. If you have any enquiries in this regard we can only recommend you contact Dune Rats or The Zoo directly for advice.

To lighten the mood we can happily announce, however, that we will be performing along with the brilliant Primitive Motion, at the Brisbane Fringe Festival on 22nd August at our trusty Bearded Lady. More details on this one soon!

Adam & Ryan


JULY Residency, 3 Sundays in July at The Bearded Lady, West End, Brisbane. Click on image below for details.


Says it all really....Saturday 17 May. New Globe Theatre. 8pm. Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. Scrapes up first. Don't miss it.



First Scrapes gigs since 2012, Brisbane, THIS WEEK

Dear fiends of Scrape,

This week sees the live appearance of we Scrapes in Brisbane for the first time since 2012. This is not to be missed.

First we have a quiet one tomorrow night, 30 April 8pm, FREE at The End, 73 Vulture St, West End. This will be a droned out warm up for the big one:

3 May - Psych High Way 3 at the Beetle Bar, Upper Roma St. 8pm. $12/$10.
I know I don't have to tell those of you who bother to read this site but I'm going to get on my high horse anyway: no two Scrapes gigs are ever the same. Come to both.

From what I've heard the other groups are going to be brilliant as well. Don't miss this never know when we might disappear into the ether once more....

Dr Adam


The Scrapes New Album in the Works

Dear Scrapes fiends,

We trust this message finds you all well. It's been a long time between posts on this website but so what.

So The Scrapes have been in hiding recording new pieces which will make up the new Scrapes album hopefully ready for release sometime this year. One of the tracks will most likely appear in a compilation of sorts for a label of sorts that we can't really tell you anything about now but we'll let you know what's going on when the time is right.

One thing we can tell you is that the new album will be a dark journey with a new percussive element (NOT a drummer) that will freak you all out more than ever. Along with this new direction are the usual sparse La Monte Young drone outs and doom of the sexiest variety but all progressing along into uncharted territory. Trust've never heard anything like some of this shit before....

In the future we will also be playing some gigs around Brisbane and hopefully elsewhere. If you're overseas and following us please do get in touch via email planetofthescrapes (at) gmail (dot) com and buy us a plane ticket or 5 so we can come and blow your minds.

If you haven't already google copies of our albums Electric Mourning Blues and Kali Yuga Sunrise and try and pick one up from a trusty record store as soon there will be none! We still have Kali Yuga vinyl in stock at the POTS store so stop on by and order if you need it.

See you at some gigs.....

Les Scrapes


New Songs From Baron Samedi have been summoned from the Graveyard Guardian. Get 'em here:


Fresh Transmission from the Scrapes' Planet/Planet Accra right now over at the Ramblings section...

Brief synopsis: The Scrapes NEW ALBUM "The Songs of Baron Samedi" is now beginning its unveiling piece by piece. First piece is THE DICTATOR. $1 download. Do it.

Other news there to read about too, such as the new Scrapes Planet Logo T-Shirts available HERE, collaborations, solo albums and more....


Calling Planet Earth!!!

First Transmission from Planet Accra NOW in Ramblings section....

Go to THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP Now!!! To stream and download the Kali Yuga Sunrise album and keep your eyes and ears out for a new composition "The Dictator" to be aired on Bandcamp very soon. It will be part of our new Album "Songs of...."

New updates over in the Store too....

That is all earthlings....



05 October takes us to Judith Wright for a jam with a bunch of flashing lights. 9pm. Free. Brisbane freaks you know what we be talking about and if you don't go to the Ramblings section and read the latest post...don't be lazy...go on...

27 October will be our performance at ReStrung festival. Not the previously advertised 28 October. This will be a later one now. 9:30pm. Turbine Platform. Brisbane Powerhouse. Free.

01 November at Brew is a new announcement. This motherfucker may be our last live performance in Brisbane for quite a while as we Scrapes travel the world in search of the new sound...keep an eye on this blog for various bizarre bits and pieces transmitted by the Barbarian Meditator and Ryan "Ryza Bone" Potter. DOOM SEXY WILL NEVER DIE!!!!

The PLANET OF THE SCRAPES bandcamp will also be a locus for new releases perhaps on a monthly basis throughout 2013. The Scrapes massive archives will begin to be unleashed on you all....

Transmission over.


Planet of the Scrapes news you bastards!

Upcoming gigs: 14 July, 11 August, 25 August, 1st September, 28th October and more TBA! Head over to the Gigs section for more details. All happening in Brisbane but there may be a Sydney date or two to announce soon...

In further news the ALL NEW PLANET OF THE SCRAPES BANDCAMP STORE is now open so head on over to find samples and links to purchase Scrapes and Adam Cadell solo albums. Keep an eye on that fucker as more is to be added very soon.

AND and and and we shall be restocking our vinyl at Jet Black Cat Records in West End for any of you Brisbane freaker outerers who bother to read this blog and don't have a copy of Kali Yuga Sunrise on vinyl yet. Seriously it will run out soon and we have no plans to make any more yet so it may be your one and only chance. This restocking will occur literally in about 2 hours. We may have other Jet Black Cat news to announce soon!

Also the vinyl is restocked at Rocking Horse Records as well so Brisbane scum never fear we worship at your altar and have made further offerings.

AND last but definitely not fucking least we Scrapes are working on a soundtrack for a new short film to be out later this year...more on this as it unfurls....

See you all at the gigs,

Der Scrapen


Upcoming giggage!

14 JUNE 7pm
The Scrapes + mates at...
Brew, Lower Burnett Lane
Brisbane Central Bullshit District

Be there or be a complete something something.....

And in the coming months.... 25 August at the Waiting Room, West End, Brisbane, Ghost Notes 2LP launch + Scrapes + Faspeedelay (MELB)


Adam hath returned from his sojourn in the dragon's lair and Ryan is now back in Brisbane engineering our certain demise! Under the shadow of Chairman Mao Adam has come up with some ideas and Ryan is as always brimming with guitar doominess...with this concoction we shall be heading into the "studio" to record a new piece for FBi radio due to be aired around 9pm on Sunday the 25th of March. A live phone interview will be part of the deal too...we shall as always aim to be amusing and informative....

Gigs coming up for 2012:

20 April - Margins "Divide" album launch, Juggler's ArtSpace, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane 8pm
10 May - Crossbows New Music Festival, Queensland Conservatorium of Music, South Bank, Brisbane, 7:30pm at the new stage thingy outside the cafe
26 May - Silver Sircus EP launch, SYC Studios, East Brisbane, 8pm, $10
02 June - Cam Butler album launch, Juggler's ArtSpace, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, 7pm
October sometime - ReStrung New Music Festival, Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm, Brisbane, details TBC

Soooo we'll be doing a lot of supporting to start off our performance season for the year! Amongst all this we shall be doing a couple of our own shows here and there including a brooding Thursday night at Broo in Brisbane's CBD, right next to the iconic Rocking Horse Records....where you can coincidentally buy copies of the Kali Yuga Sunrise and Electric Mourning Blues albums at more than reasonable prices...just saying. We've got a wad of vinyl still available in our hot little hands that we shall be selling at all of these shows...unless we run out...and when we do...that's it for vinyl man....well maybe not.

See you at the gigs, and remember Pandas look like dudes in suits and if you're ever really cold metal actually burns...

Auf wiedersehen for now cocks,
The Scrapes


So the new year is well underway. A few Scrapes events to recount to all yon out there in internet lande. We shall be premiering a new piece on FBi radio, Sydney on 25th March Odin willing. If not then then it will happen soon enough...probably then though.

We shall be back in performing action here in Brisbane in March too no doubt with some likely exciting surprises to be announced for our beloved local audience soon enough...something interesting may occur in the month of MAY>

We shall be appearing at the ReStrung new music festival at Brisbane Powerhouse in October. Lots of other goodies on at that too.

We now have Kali Yuga Sunrise stocked in Rocking Horse Records, Jet Black Cat Records, Egg Records, Redeye Records, Repressed Records, Polyester Records, all good online retailers, and full worldwide distro via iTunes. For more info on non-Australian distro keep an eye on ye olde All Is Number Records for updates. THE CD AND VINYL IS EXTREMELY LIMITED AND RUNNING OUT FAST so get in there!

We will be quiet for the next month or so as I (Adam) will be at the source of the dragon and Ryan will be chasing it all the way back to Brisbane.

As always watch this space ye bastards ye,
Les Scrapes



Thanks to all ye southerners for coming out to the gigs, listening to us on the radio, calling the cops and throwing bricks at us while playing on people's roofs. Glebe thieves can fuck off!
The tour was a fine success and the word of the Kali Yuga Sunrise has been spread. We are in the top 20 albums of 2011 for 4ZZZ FM, 4ZZZ FM Rusted Sattelites, RAVE Magazine and we've had excellent reviews all round so far. The vinyl and CDs are selling fast so get into the store and get a copy before there's none left. They are somewhat limited so you have been warned. It will end up on Bandcamp one day though and will have digital distro through iTunes etc soon.

Sydney siders - you can find the album stocked on the shelves of Red Eye Records, Repressed Records and Egg Records so why not get someone an ear scraping for Christmas.

Melbournites - you should be able to get a copy from Polyester Records soon.

Rest of you...well here in Bris it'll be stocked in Rocking Horse soon enough....might even go in today. Other cities get in touch to stock! Otherwise the store is just a click away motherfuckers!

Northern Hemispherites it is available here but will also be availble through various distributors in the future. Keep an eye on All Is Number Records for updates!

Merry Yule and Happy New Year to all and sundry,
Drink up and enjoy the wild hunt!
Much love,
The Scrapes




07 Dec - Bar Open, Brunswick St, Fitzroy, FREE, The Scrapes + Clymatron (The Devastations) + Alysia Manceau
A night of beautiful psychedelia and pure drone-worshipping of the highest calibre. Not to be missed.

10 Dec - NeuMusak and Dreamland Recordings presents The Spheres + The Scrapes + Faspeedelay(EP Launch) + Tarcutta, $10, Northcote Uniting Church
Krautrocking madness. Also not to be missed.



More critical praise! This time from the Archdrude himself once more...Julian it is pinched from

"Back with their second monumental album KALI YUGA SUNRISE is Australian duo The Scrapes, whose initially highly austere La Monte Young-like solo geetar’n’solo fiddle attitude to meditative hoedowns have herein been supplanted by a far lusher array of sounds. Smoother and more new age-y, nevertheless, these Scrapes still practise a potent form of skull cleansing. From the opening bars of the splendid title track, violinist Adam Cadell saws and creaks like some North Sea Henry Flynt over Ryan Potter’s cyclical conservatory electric guitar, as though John Cale’s THE ACADEMY IN PERIL were the coming rage. But soon these Scrapes is stretching out into doomy eastern mantras, into spiky back porch hoedowns, into harmonica’n’bass drum-driven freight rides across the open prairie. And though we’re seemingly lost in a huge imaginary rural world, its always viewed remotely, from beneath a veil, or as though from a speeding train. Recorded on All Is Number Records, KALI YUGA SUNRISE is full of huge expansive ideas, compelling musicianship and fabulously useful drones. Another hit, methinks, gentlemen."



Pre-orders of vinyl now available from Planet of the Scrapes store.
CDs now available from Planet of the Scrapes store!

CDs available + postage for $10 worldwide shipping.
Vinyl PRE-ORDER + postage when available $20 within Australia, $30 world.


22/11/11 RAVE interview The Scrapes:

Interview by Morgan Johnson, found at:
Pick up print copies on the streets of Brisbane!

RYAN POTTER plays guitar and ADAM CADELL the violin. They come together as THE SCRAPES, and launch their sophomore record, Kali Yuga Sunrise, this week at Juggler’s Art Space. MORGAN JOHNSON levels on their frequency.

MORGAN JOHNSON: Hello Scrapes, please catch us up since our last chat way back in March 2010 – are you still plying ‘doom-sexy’?

RYAN POTTER & ADAM CADELL: Doom-sexy never dies.

MJ: How does Kali Yuga Sunrise progress from your debut, Electric Mourning Blues, a record our reviewer noted as “often beautiful, sometimes dissonant, but always evocative”?

RP: It’s more of an album experience, a concept album without a concept. It’s layered and cohesive and took a more experimental approach and used a larger palette of instruments including new homemade instruments such as the ‘Boat Tiller’.

AC: There’s more light and a little less dark in the new one. The last one was full of mourning, this one’s more like ‘hey the world’s coming to an end but we don’t mind’ [laughs]. I’d say it’s somewhat beautiful, often dissonant, and as provocative as it is evocative.

MJ: What was the recording process like for this release?

RP: It came together in bits and pieces. We recorded it ourselves in different locations including a printing warehouse where we recorded the machines and played along to them.

AC: It was a great experience. We explored a lot of new territory for this one.

MJ: From where are the songs spawned?

RP: The songs already exist. We just farm them from the air.

MJ: Anything special planned for the live launch?

RP: Margins are coming up from Melbourne and they’re great, Curlew are playing and they’re great too. There will be artwork from resident Scrapes artist Kim Cadell in his first exhibit in 20 years and the 4ZzZ Rusted Satellite’s DJs will be rocking the house.

MJ: Have you a plan of attack for the Year of the Dragon?

RP: Adam is going to the source of the Dragon and I will be chasing the Dragon.

THE SCRAPES launch KALI YUGA SUNRISE on Friday Nov 25 at Juggler’s Art Space, Fortitude Valley, joined by Margins (Victoria) and Curlew, with artwork by Kim Cadell. It’s $10 on the door from 7pm. Check out



"It’s always a difficult task trying to categorize local duo The Scrapes. “Psychedelic”, “Cinematic”, “Ambient”, “Experimental”, “Orchestral”, “ Apocalyptic” are all adjectives that the fine folks of the world wide web have used to try and pinpoint their sound.

While all of these terms encompass on some level the sonic landscape weavings of guitarist Ryan Potter and violinist Adam Cadell, there’s something deeply fruitful and fresh that can’t be categorized on their latest release Kali Yuga Sunrise. Far more rhythmic (like the sound of a hundred sewing machines in an Indian sweat shop) than The Scrapes’ 2010 release, Electric Mourning Blues, and much more mature and encapsulating, it’s almost like Ryan and Adam are creating the soundtrack to a British-Indian regimental experience rather than the tales of Brisbane.

Technically this is a perfect record. Its use of dynamics and looping completely cloud the outside world, like they’re creating a pocket of stories from the Dharavi Slums in Mumbai within each song. I’m finding it extremely hard to write a review about Kali Yuga Sunrise without delving into some sort of pretentious bullshit using forty adjectives per sentence to try and explain the world that Ryan and Adam have created within their record, but they make it pretty hard. As I said, they’re a really hard band to pin down, and now I’m starting to sympathise with others who have tried."
- LIZA GRACE, FourThousand -

"Experimental Brisbane duo The Scrapes literally do what the name says. Kali Yuga Sunrise is a demented orchestra of chaotic, wailing strings and shimmering sitar, shifting between inner peace and desolation. Experimental violins circle the air, both ethereal and grating. The opening title track seems like a finale; the dying echoes of a song as the violin bows slowly reach the end of the final note. Something spiritual stirs underneath – Kali Yuga Sunrise is meditation in rust. The sweet strings in the Golden Cloud Part 1 blossom and the orchestra awakens again. The heartbeats get faster and guitars appear in Closed Circuit – a twisted country ballad in a state of decay. Sitars, melancholy folk guitar and classical violins paint haunting pictures in Close Enough to Touch and Starvation. Kali Yuga Sunrise is a challenging listen at times and isn’t for everybody, but The Scrapes have created the aural experience of wandering the vast, isolated plains in your mind."


The Scrapes
3 Cities


25 November - Album Launch @ Juggler's Art Space, 103 Brunswick Street, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
The Scrapes
Margins.....all the way from Melbourne....
+ 4ZZZ Rusted Satellites DJs and exclusive Art Exhibition by award winning Brisbane artist and resident Scrapes album artist Kim Cadell.


30 November - FBI Social, Place and Spaces presents:
The Scrapes (Sydney Album Launch)
@ the Kings Cross Hotel, 6pm

2 December - The People's Republic of Australasia
The Scrapes
Joel Stern
This is a private event. If you are interested please leave a comment and we'll get in touch....


NOTE TIME CHANGE: 7 December - Bar Open, Fitzroy + Clymatron (The Devastations side project) and more TBA

10 December - Northcote Uniting Church Hall, Dreamland Recordings presents The Spheres + The Scrapes + Faspeedelay (EP Launch) + Tarcutta

15 December - Album Launch, Gasometer, Fitzroy
The Scrapes
Cuba Is Japan
Margins Duo

18 December - The Old Bar, Fitzroy
The Scrapes
+ others

And that will mark the conclusion of The Scrapes aktions for 2011. Stay posted for ....The Return.

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